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Renton Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Located in the heart of King County Renton is a city with more than a 100 thousand citizens and has a divine spectrum of cultural events and outdoor activities. It is located 11 miles from downtown Seattle, so if you can get to the centre easy and fast. The most significant thing about this city and the whole area surrounding it is the beautiful nature. You can easily get distracted from the noise and stress that a city life can bring by the shore of Lake Washington or enjoy long walks near the Cedar River. Get inspired by the water and crashing of the small waves while sitting on the bench and watching the mountains rising before your eyes. The best view you can get of the Cascades and Mount Rainier by far.

If you like walking and being outdoors, then the Gene Coulon Memorial Park is one of the locations you should visit often. Besides the high trees and pickinicks on the fresh cut grass you can enjoy the festivals like the Clam Lights and the Kidd Valley Summer Concert Stories. These festivals are something to look forward to every season and they have something for every generation.

A great thing Renton has to offer as well is great quality coffee, like the rest of the area. If you are looking for above average source of coffee, tea and community, you can find it in the city, specifically-Liberty Cafe- a hub of art, great coffee, music and poetry. The owner places great value on homemade espressos and its very own chai.

You don’t have to only relax and enjoy the beauties by the water. Inspiration can be found in  many theatres downtown. Renton Civic Theatre has been working for many years and it has been a home for young artists with dreams as long as it stands. You can watch great theatre performances every night and see the talents that this city has to offer.


We are here to help you moving

Renton is a great place to live for all generations. If you are looking for great views and inspiration you can find it easily in this city, and it is very close to downtown Seattle. So, if you like to move to this area, we do have a team of professional movers, who can help you with any type of move. Our local moving company offers services for both residential and commercial moving. If you are planning to move from a one bedroom apartment or a two storey home it won’t be a problem for our great team. We can do packing and moving, assembly of the furniture and we make sure that all of your items are protected with wrap and blankets. When you move to the area from another state our team can help you unload your truck and to place every item in your new home or office. A free moving estimate is just a call away! You can contact our amazing sales team or submit a request on our website.

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