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Are you dreaming of living in a relaxing suburban neighborhood in Seattle? Your fantasies can easily come to reality if you decide to hire our dedicated Renton movers for help. They are trained professionals who can make your relocation process easy and comfortable. Keep reading to find out more about their exceptional services and information about this exciting place.

Is This Neighborhood Good for Living?

Living in downtown Seattle might be busy and often overcrowded. A quiet suburban neighborhood sounds much better if you’re looking for peaceful surroundings. Renon is one of the best suburbs of Seattle for a good reason – it is safe and daily friendly, and also an excellent place for young professionals looking for business opportunities. If you are moving with pets, you can also find some fantastic dog-friendly restaurants in Seattle, cozy coffee shops, and excellent shopping places. This place is one of the largest communities in King County and counts about 100,000 residents. It is a very diverse neighborhood with lovely residential buildings and highly-rated schools.

Is Life Here Expensive?

Compared to other affordable Seattle suburbs, this place might be expensive but not too much – compared to other Seattle neighborhoods. The median home value is approximately $400,000, and the median rent is about $1,400. The median household income in this area is about $75,000. According to AreVibes’ reviews, the overall cost of living here is about 38% higher than the national average, and utilities are about 10% higher.

Is This Neighborhood Family-Friendly?

If you look at the safety reviews, you’ll see that this place is not one of the safest neighborhoods in Seattle. Renton’s crime rate is about 75% higher than the national average, and property crimes are much more common than violent crimes. On the other hand, if you are looking for the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, you should consider that most of the schools here are very well rated. Some of the highly-rated public schools serving this neighborhood are Liberty Senior High School and Newcastle Elementary School.

Visit Amazing Local Parks in Your Free Time

One thing is for sure – you’ll never get bored if you decide to relocate here. One of the top attractions is the Gene Coulon Memorial Beach Park. May Creek Park is also great for outdoor activities – you can enjoy some relaxing walks along Honey Dew Creek Trailhead. Cedar River Dog Park is one of the best dog parks in Seattle, and Liberty Park offers exciting playgrounds and other interesting amenities you can visit in your free time.


Hire Seattle Professional Movers – One of the Best Moving Companies in Seattle, WA

We are one of the highest-rated Seattle moving companies that’s been successfully fulfilling our clients’ desires for many years. Dedication and hard work are something that we are most proud of, so you don’t need to worry about potential moving stress if you decide to move with us. Our team of movers in Seattle can provide you with exceptional service and teach you some interesting moving hacks, so feel free to contact our customer service and book a convenient date for your local move.

Renton Movers Provide Outstanding Local Moving Services

Our company can offer you various local moving services at affordable prices. Residential moving is available if you want to relocate your household to a new home. Apartment moving includes similar solutions: packing your furniture and relocating everything in a specialized truck to the desired location. Additional packing services are also available if you don’t know how to pack glasses for moving and want our Seattle movers to pack all of your belongings. They can supply you with quality packing materials and make sure everything is well protected along the way.

Our cheap movers in Seattle also provide labor-only moving if you need an additional workforce for any kind of physical labor, including carrying heavy furniture pieces and loading them into a truck. Our local mover in Seattle can also offer you commercial moving services and relocate your office inventory to the desired address. Keep in mind that everything our movers in Seattle pack is under insurance, so there is no need to worry about your belongings getting damaged.

Our Movers in Renton Also Provide Storage Moving Services

The in-and out-of-storage moving service is a great option if you have a garage or storage unit that has become overcrowded and want to relocate your inventory to some other location or different storage unit. We will pack, relocate, and unpack your belongings at the desired location in no time. We are one of the best moving companies in Seattle, WA, so you can feel completely comfortable if you decide to hire our company for help. If you have any questions, we encourage you to contact our customer service at any time.

Request a Free Quote Today

We are very honest and transparent when it comes to pricing. You can know the estimated cost of your move if you request a free quote. You can do this by filling out an online form on our website, or you can contact our customer service. We are here for you with the best relocation solutions in and around the city. Feel free to reach out to us for any other questions, and we’ll be more than happy to answer them. Don’t hesitate to start your move with our company right away and we promise that you’ll be satisfied with our service.

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