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Madrona is a residential neighborhood in central Seattle, located on the shores of the legendary Lake Washington, with a population of 3,862. Even though Madrona is nestled on the shores of Lake Washington, the neighborhood does not have any waterfront homes. The waterfront is dominated by Madrona Beach Park, originally developed in 1889 to attract buyers to the neighborhood, which at the time was considered separate from the rest of Seattle.

Today, the neighborhood is only a 10-minute drive from downtown Seattle. The median home value in the neighborhood of Madrona is $854,401, while median rent is currently around $1,786 per month. The neighborhood of Madrona offers a diverse selection of real estate. Many homes west of 34th Avenue offer spectacular views of the University of Washington to the north and downtown Seattle to the west, thus making the west side of this neighborhood very desirable and sought after.

Madrona is generally considered to be a small but lively commercial hub, packed with shops and restaurants that are centered at the intersection of Union and 34th Avenue. The unique restaurants that could be found in this area include Hi Spot, a very popular breakfast and lunch option among the community; St. Clouds is another community favorite, featuring live music on the weekends, as well as other restaurants, a market on the corner, barber shops and more. The commercial businesses that are featured and found around the neighborhood are mostly restaurants and shops, making the business district of Madrona relatively smaller than in the neighboring cities. In addition to what is considered to be the business district of the Madrona, there are several parks, popular points of interest and a library in the neighborhood.

Madrona Park was developed to draw prospective home buyers to the neighborhood, and still remains one of the most popular places to be in this beautiful suburb. Located on the mile-long shores of Lake Washington, this amazing green space offers a woodland hillside, which is famously known as the Madrona Woods, that also features paths that lead down to a parkway along the lake. The park includes a secluded picnic area, a sandy beach – referred to as the Madrona beach, and a converted bathhouse which now serves as a dance studio. On top of that, the park also boasts its on jogging path along the way, as well as small gravel beaches that can be spotted along the way, which are perfect for fishing or just enjoying the amazing views. Madrona Playground is located along 34th Avenue, just minutes away from the business district of Madrona. The park is surrounded by homes on three sides, with the business district to the north, and includes a play area which is packed with children all year round. The park also features two tennis courts, a basketball court, and a grass field for soccer and other sports. This is not only a beautiful park to visit on a free day, but also a quick escape from the business district crowd.


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