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Georgetown Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Georgetown is a suburban neighborhood located in Seattle, Washington with a population of 1,268. The median home value in Georgetown is $489,715, while the median rent in Georgetown is around $1,794 per month. Georgetown is generally a calm neighborhood located only five miles south of Seattle. Previously an industrial area packed with warehouses, Georgetown has transformed itself completely. Nowadays, the neighborhood is an amazing place to find popular restaurants, breweries, and art galleries.  This prospering neighborhood south of Seattle is fascinating people who want to live close to downtown but might not have the financial means to live in some other areas, or simply don’t want to deal with the hustle and bustle of the downtown area. With its unique culture and fun hangouts, Georgetown really stands out from other neighborhoods nearby. Keeping up with its tradition, there are still some amazing pubs in Georgetown – Jules Maes Saloon, and the Marco Polo Bar and Grill are only a small number of their famous breweries. And even though the Rainier brewery is no longer an option, numerous new ones have popped up, like the Georgetown Brewery and the Emerald City Beer. For food, head to the Two Tartes bakery for a delicious sandwich and massive cookie or Stellar Pizza for tasty pies made from local ingredients. If wining and dining is not what you quite had in mind you could always hit the Mix lounge for some live music, or check out one of the countless antique stores or art galleries for some exquisite art.

Check out Georgetown Trailer Park Mall, for great deals on vintage items, and only the most daring love visiting School of Acrobatics and New Circus to learn the art of the flying trapeze. Trailer Park Mall is one of the most unique, interesting tiny spots in all of the Puget Sound area. The mall offers an assortment of vintage trailers jam-packed with pop-up shops, mini art galleries, clothing stores, and anything you could possibly find. The retailers are welcoming and entertaining and you never know what you’ll be able find there. You’ve probably got the right idea that Georgetown is an artsy neighborhood and therefore, you can find several galleries and artist studios on your way to Airport Way. The Georgetown Arts and Cultural Center is probably the most popular spot for art enthusiasts in the neighborhood. Around twenty artists present their artwork here regularly. The center is also the best possible place to be if you’re looking for art classes for your children or yourself. But don’t limit yourself to the Center. The Nautilus Studio is an art gallery with a tremendously cool steampunk vibe.

In conclusion, Georgetown is one of Seattle’s oldest residential neighborhoods that has successfully transformed what used to be old rail warehouses into unique galleries, restaurants, bars, and other modern amenities that have heavily incorporated the history of the area and yet are also unquestionably modern at the same time. If you’re interested in the uniqueness to Georgetown, its close proximity to the downtown area and its affordable housing, we have your back.


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If you’re attracted to Georgetown’s unique appeal and are actively looking for movers in the area, Seattle Professional Movers can help you with any moving need you might have. Making sure your move is smooth and worry free is what we are famous for. Both to and from Georgetown, we can help you with residential, commercial, apartment moves, and even labor such as loading, unloading, packing and unpacking. Your move doesn’t need to be a dreary task, it can be turned into an enjoyable one if you choose the perfect moving help to assist you with your relocation. Seattle Professional Movers has helped numerous residents of Georgetown move their whole life from one space to another and turned their experience into what moving should be – an exciting new beginning. Give us a call today, or request a free moving quote on our website and find out why Georgetown’s residents are loving our moving services.

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