• Studio
  • 1 bedroom
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4+ bedrooms
  • Small office
  • Medium office
  • Large office
  • Small storage (5x5, 5x8, 5x10)
  • Medium storage (10x10, 10x15)
  • Large storage (10x20)

If you’ve decided to move to Washington’s capital, our local Seattle movers are here to help. Our company has an excellent reputation, with numerous reviews stating the quality of our services. Whatever your needs may be, our team will ensure you have a pleasant relocation experience. Contact us, and we can start planning your move right away.

This Is One of the Best Places to Live in the US

Emerald City is the seat of King County, Washington’s capital and largest city. Located just 100 miles south of the Canadian border, it serves as a major trade gateway for trading with Asia. It’s the fourth-largest port on the continent in terms of the number of containers it handles. Besides trade, the city is known as the birthplace of many tech giants, including Microsoft and Amazon. Seattle’s cultural scene is diverse and features everything from jazz to grunge, which also originated here.

Considering Its Development, Emerald City Is Still Relatively Affordable

Emerald City is often ranked as the fastest-growing major US city. The constant population growth and the influx of new companies and technologies have kept the housing prices relatively high compared to the state overall. While the median home value of $484,600 and the rent cost of $1,250 (*according to AreaVibes) may seem high for some, these prices are a lot lower than the ones you’ll find in the best suburbs of Seattle. The nearby cities of Mercer Island and Bellevue also have significantly more expensive real estate, making the city relatively affordable.

One relieving factor is that Seattleites earn substantially more than their peers in the state overall. Many locals work at higher-paid positions in big tech companies, which is reflected in the city incomes. The median household income of $74,500 is about 19% higher than Washington’s $62,850. The current per capita income of $48,700 is also higher in comparison to the state average of $33,000, which means that individual residents make a lot more than their state counterparts.

The City Is a Big Place, and There’s a Neighborhood for Everyone

The city is vast and still growing, so there’s no doubt that anyone can find a suitable place to call home. Families with children usually look for a home in neighborhoods that have great schools. Having access to one of the best school districts in Seattle can be crucial for your child’s development. Fortunately, excellent Seattle Public Schools serve the whole city. It’s the largest public school district in Washington, operating over 113 schools with more than 47,000 students, an average graduation rate of 86%, and a 1230 SAT score. Overall, if you’re looking for the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families, check out Capitol Hill, Greenwood, and Ballard.

If you’re single or a young working professional, there are many cool neighborhoods in Seattle that might interest you. For those who can’t afford to live in Downtown Seattle, Fremont, Queen Anne Hill, Capitol Hill, Chinatown-International District, or Ballard are all excellent options. When choosing where to live, it’s important to note that the capital doesn’t have rent control. If you’re planning to rent a place, read everything you can about Seattle renters’ rights before you sign a lease.

Numerous Opportunities Are Just Waiting to Be Explored

There are so many things to do in each Seattle neighborhood that it’s hard to see how anybody can get bored in the city. Want to have a fun outing with friends? Check out some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle. One such place is THE NEST Rooftop bar, which serves some fantastic cocktails while also offering an excellent view of the Sound.

If beer is more your thing, you should stop by some Seattle breweries. While we can’t list every place, Reuben’s Brews, Pike Brewing Company, and Stoup Brewing are all excellent choices. The city is known for its many outdoor opportunities. While there are many parks in Seattle, you can’t go wrong with Green Lake or Discovery Park. The art scene is rich, particularly theater and performance art, and there are also many museums, which feature both classical and modern pop art pieces.


Seattle Moving Companies Are There to Make the Relocation Easier and Stress-Free

A moving company in Seattle is there to make your relocation experience easier and as enjoyable as possible. By getting a professional service, you’ll not only save a lot of time but your nerves as well. It’s not uncommon for relocations to cause moving stress, so hiring even cheap movers in Seattle, Washington, will help you immensely. With the help of Seattle Professional Movers, your move will feel like a road trip. Numerous reviews talk about the quality of our customer-friendly service, so we’re confident you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer.

Our Seattle Moving Company Provides Various Relocation Services

If you want the highest-quality moving services in Seattle, take a quick look at what our company provides:

  • Residential relocation – Switching houses is one of the more exciting, and at the same time, stressful events in anybody’s life. With the right local movers in Seattle, you won’t experience any difficulties during your relocation.
  • Apartment moves – Does your building have a service elevator? Even if the answer is no, our professionals know how to manage the challenges in these types of relocations.
  • Commercial relocationMoving a business requires a large workforce to be executed correctly and without any delays. Our well-trained team is at your full disposal, enabling the work to resume quickly.
  • Labor-only service – What if we told you that you could avoid moving boxes in Seattle? If you already have a truck, hire our company, and you can relax knowing that professionals are taking good care of your belongings. We’re more than capable of handling the hard labor on our own.

When It Comes to Packing Services, We’re Among the Best Local Moving Companies in Seattle WA for the Job

Hiring a local company to assist you is the easiest way to reduce the time it takes to pack everything. Our professional packing service will secure all your items and furniture for transportation, minimizing the chances of damage occurring while on the road. You may also learn some neat packing and moving hacks that will surely help you one day.

Need Something From Your Storage? Our Mover in Seattle Is Here to Help

What are the in-and out-of storage moves about? If your current place can’t fit all your belongings, you can opt to put some items into your storage. Our team will pick up the objects and store them in your unit. When you’re relocating to a place that has a lot more room, we can take some stuff out of your storage and transport it to your new location.

Get a Free Quote – Contact Our Seattle Movers

After reading some information about the services Seattle Professional Movers provide, you can contact our representatives if you have any questions regarding your move. They’ll provide you with a free quote, enabling you to organize your relocation budget effectively. Finally, you should book a date as soon as you finalize the deal on your new home.

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