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Rainier Beach Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Rainier Beach is a neighborhood in Seattle, Washington with a population of 6,524. The median home value in the neighborhood of Rainier Beach is $476,741, while median rent is currently around $2.000. per month. The residential real estate of Rainier Beach is mostly made up of small studio to one-bedroom apartments to medium sized single-family homes and high-rise apartment complexes and most of the residential real estate is occupied by an even mix of owners and renters. The Rainier Beach residential area features homes that were built in a specific time frame, between 1940 and 1969, which gives this neighborhood a unique old-fashioned, historic charm, unlike its neighboring suburbs.

Rainier Beach also boasts an abundance of outdoors and recreational opportunities, alongside the numerous amenities both in the immediate area, and surrounding this unique neighborhood with scenic views.  Take a stroll to the amazing Pritchard Island Beach, which is located in the Rainier Beach neighborhood and is a beautiful space where you can spot numerous large cottonwoods flap in the breeze as swimmers head for the raft. Some visitors of this gorgeous outdoor space prefer to relax on the beach and get some sand between their toes, admiring the extraordinary view of Seward Park to the north, and the remarkable Mercer Island to the east. This unique outdoor space is the complete contrast of the Atlantic City beach to the south. Just a few minutes away from Pritchard Island Beach, you will find Pritchard Wetland, a one-of-a-kind outdoor haven that boasts a wide variety of native plants and interesting wildlife. Take a stroll along the paved, well-maintained path that starts at the edge, and you will soon realize that it extends for almost five acres worth of inimitable, fascinating wildlife habitat. Here you have the unique opportunity to hear the songs of Chorus frogs in the spring, and even run into muskrats and herons in the Pritchard Pond.

If you need a quick change of scenery, you’ll find numerous unique green spaces in the neighborhood of Rainier Beach, including the Beer Sheva Park, which was named after Beer Sheva in Israel, one of Seattle’s International Sister Cities. Just east of Rainier Beach High School, this small lakefront park offers numerous secluded picnic areas, yoga classes, exciting community gatherings and more. Here you can experience the fascinating views of Mercer Island and the Cascade Mountains.
Rainier Beach is one of the most underrated neighborhoods of the Seattle area, with its amazing views that you can have from your living room window, affordable housing, above average school system, friendly community and numerous amenities and recreation opportunities, this neighborhood is slowly receiving the recognition it deserves. Not to mention the easy access to the city and the amazing neighborhoods that surround Rainier Beach, which conclude this neighborhood and make it the full package for first-time home buyers. You won’t be disappointed in this underappreciated neighborhood, and you’ll most likely grow to love its potential.


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