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Green Lake Local and Long Distance Moving Companies – Seattle Professional Movers

Green Lake is a neighborhood north of downtown that stretches around the lake of the same name. This neighborhood is a growing business district where you can find a lot of restaurants, coffee shops, retailers that can sell everything you need. You shouldn’t miss visiting Beth’s Cafe, a notable restaurant in the Seattle area since 1954. You can try different types of food here, Greek food, Mexican food, it is a pretty diverse area. Even the lake is lined with shops, so you can casually shop with an amazing view on the lake. This is a very friendly and safe neighborhood. The area surrounding the lake is a public park. Many locals come here to enjoy lake views or walk or cycle on because there are multiple paths. This is a very popular destination for outdoor recreation. You can go swimming or boating on the lake. Or simply enjoy a picnic with your family. Once you’re in the neighborhood, check the Colson house. That is one of the landmarks of the city, a historic house built by Charles and Sophie Colson. We are going to reveal a few hidden gems of Green Lake. Did you know you can do yoga in the middle of the Green Lake. That is correct, yoga on the paddle board. You will need to practice for that, but it’s definitely an amazing experience. There is also a table tennis club and various competitions throughout the year, so you can try this sport if you are not a big fan of yoga.

Green Lake is a super dog friendly neighborhood and there is a dog park where your best friend can be off leash. It is a very safe neighborhood and that makes it family-friendly. You will enjoy raising your kids here. You can easily find a job here, there are a lot of offers.


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