Best Tips for Apartment Moving

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Everyone seems to be discrediting the hassle and countless troubles of apartment moving, right? You are moving soon and wondering where to start and where to go after that, but none of these guides and tips apply to your situation. Is moving to or from an apartment easy? The answer is, definitely no.

Apartment moving is often underestimated and considered easy, and too small. Seattle small moves have become a lot more common in the last few years, which is why they deserve just as much attention as any other move type. You can talk about the difficulties of residential moving all you want – when living in a building with no elevator really has no competition. Finding movers and getting everything ready for the big day can be a nightmare, but with our specialized apartment moving tips – we will make sure it never becomes that. Stay tuned for expert advice and easy moving solutions!

Before the move

1. Create a timeline

Creating an exact timeline of when everything needs to be done will help remind you of every important task related to your move, and when you should complete it. Take the stress levels down to a minimum with a detailed timeline created and set in place.


2. Keep track of expenses

Keep track of your expenses by keeping a detailed Google Sheet online or by keeping all of your invoices and receipts in one place. It will be much easier for you to stay within your budget and limit your expenses this way.


3. Inventory list

Having an inventory list or list of items on hand during the move will help you and your movers verify that all of your furniture has been loaded onto the truck and off the truck into your new home. Nothing will get lost during the process and it will be much easier to get a cost estimate with an inventory list, too.


4. Write down your requirements 

Your personal needs and wishes need to be established before you start calling companies that specialize in Seattle small moves. Do you need packing assistance? Are there any excessively heavy or special items that need additional protection? Find out what it is that you are looking for in your apartment movers – then start hunting. 

Hiring apartment movers

1. Research companies that service Seattle small moves

Finding a moving company that offers the exact type of service you are looking for is crucial when you are looking to hire professional movers. If you need someone who does Seattle small moves for your apartment move, try looking them up online. Don’t start calling for quotes without verifying your movers first.


2. Check their reputation 

Are they licensed? And insured? You need verified movers on the day of your relocation, and if your building management requires proof of insurance – you won’t be able to move with movers that aren’t. Always hire legitimate moving companies that are open and transparent with their services and rates in order to avoid unpleasant surprises on the day of the move.

3. Call for quotes

Getting at least three to five quotes is ideal for your move to find the best crew of movers out there. Check different Seattle small moves service providers, compare the costs, reviews and level of customer service provided to you upon the first phone call. Then, make the decision to hire one of them.


4. Reserve your movers in advance

Especially if you are looking for a weekend move, and even if you’re not – reserving your movers at least a month in advance is truly crucial in order to secure the best date and time for yourself and your move to take place. Moving companies get booked up pretty quickly – remember that.

5. Confirm your reservation

A day or two before your move, your moving company might contact you for some final confirmations. Even if they don’t do this – give them a call to confirm all of the details before your move takes place.

Building requirements

1. Ask about requirements

Ask your building management about any special requirements such as proof of insurance, special building protection, move out or move in times, etc. so you can notify your movers and have them deliver the needed documentation on time for your move. 


2. Send important documentation to your movers

If you need a COI (Certificate of Insurance) from your moving company, you need to forward your building’s requirements for them to construct a COI before your move takes place. In order to have them deliver it on time and verified by your building ahead of time, send over the requirements as soon as you’ve booked your movers for the big day.

3. Make reservations on time 

Elevator or loading dock reservations should be made on time, so you know everything is aligned with your building and your moving company. Reserve everything at least 2-3 weeks ahead.


4. Coordinate with your company

If any changes happen to your moving situation (elevator reservation pushed back for example) notify your movers as soon as possible. They have policies and schedules to follow as well, so you want to avoid any unpleasant surprises before the move even takes place.

Time to start packing 

1. Start early

Giving yourself at least 2-3 weeks to pack up will result in a much more stress-free project for you and everyone involved. Pack for an hour every day and see how easy and simple the project can be.

3. Purchase specialized moving supplies

Instead of using what you have or getting free boxes, purchase moving supplies specifically. Your items will receive the best form of protection, and you won’t have to think about your boxes falling apart in the middle of the move. Use moving boxes only!

4. Label your boxes in detail 

The more detailed you are with your boxes and their labels – the better time you will have unpacking everything in your new apartment. Place a brief description of the contents of every box as a label for each box you are planning to move.

5. Keep your boxes light 

It is crucial to keep your boxes below 50 pounds and pack heavy items into smaller boxes. Having large, heavy boxes will be impossible to move, not to mention that cardboard is not the most durable material in the universe. Keep the boxes light and keep them coming. 


Before your movers arrive 

3. Prepare snacks and water

Your movers will be extremely thankful that you have thought about snacks and water before the move as a nice gesture. Not to mention that you and everyone involved in the move will get exhausted at some point, too.

2. Disassemble your furniture 

Disassemble your bed and shelving unit for a more efficient relocation process. Your movers will be in and out of your home with ease, and you won’t have to pay for an extra hour of them disassembling and reassembling your furniture back.


3. Get a door stopper 

Instead of losing your nerves during loading and unloading of the truck – purchase a door stopper and save everyone from going crazy during the relocation process.

4. Double check your apartment

Did you pack everything? Is something left behind? Take a final look at every corner of your apartment before you lock up and leave, to see if your movers have taken absolutely everything.


After your movers leave

1. Unpack and reassemble your furniture 

You don’t have to do it the same day – but start the day after. Leaving yourself unpacked for too long will result in you never really unpacking yourself but learning to live with it, and unpacking little by little.


2. Enjoy your new home 

Sit back and take it all in. You are finally home. It wasn’t that complicated, right? 

3. Throw an awesome housewarming party

Now it is time to throw an amazing welcome party for yourself, and gather all of your loved ones to celebrate. Here’s to a new beginning!


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