How Many Movers Do I Need to Hire?

Now that you are finally planning to move, you are probably wondering how many movers you will be needing in order to have a stress-free experience.

Some moving processes will do just fine with two movers and a truck, while some others will need more movers than that.

Now, every move is a unique process, because everybody has a different sized inventory and different items in it and you cannot look up to what your cousin or friend did when he was hiring movers.

Also, many people are afraid to make this decision on their own and always rely on the opinion of their movers.

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To be quite honest, it probably is the smartest decision to hear what your movers have to say, but knowing in advance how many movers you will be hiring is quite important for a lot of your plans (including planning your budget for example).

So, if you want to learn how to determine the right number of Seattle movers according to the size of your move, you have come to the right place.

But, before you do that, you will need to find some truly reliable moving company that will help you out.

We are here to help you with that as well.

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A Guide For Finding A Reliable And Trustworthy Moving Company

Although you might think you have enough time and that finding two movers and a truck is a piece of cake, you might get surprised.

Actually, more precisely, two movers and a truck you find and want to hire might be great and very reliable, but they can also be a true disaster.

If you want to find the best and most hardworking movers, follow our small guide:

Step 1: Get Some Recommendations

When looking for any kind of service or products, the best way to inform yourself about them is to listen to what others who have had some experiences with them have to say.

So, if you want to find two movers and a truck and have a good moving experience, start with asking people you know about their moving processes.

Ask your friends whether they find some Seattle movers really hardworking and friendly and would like to recommend them to you.

If your friends have had more negative experiences, remember them as well and do your best to avoid these non-recommended movers.

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Another way to find two movers and a truck that will help you with your move is definitely surfing on the Internet.

Type the name of the movers you are contemplating to work with and check out their reviews. Also, read the comments people have been writing about the company.

This info might help you in narrowing the choice.

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Step 2: Make Sure Your Movers Are Licensed

In order to make sure your two movers and a truck will be a blessing and not a nightmare to your move, checking their license will be necessary.

In order to do that, you can visit some verified websites or simply give your movers a call and ask about their license number.

If you find movers who are licensed, there are simply less chances that they will try to pull you in the middle of any sort of fraudulent activities.

Therefore, finding a moving company that is licensed will make your move not only stress-free, but also completely safe as well.

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Step 3: Get Information About The Deposit Your Movers Are Asking For

Many movers will ask for a certain amount of money as a deposit.

And that is completely fine.

At least until that deposit turns out to be the entire amount of your price for example.

If your movers ask you to pay the full price in advance, you should definitely get a bit suspicious and do a better research on the company.

Trustworthy and motivated movers are known for never asking for all the money in advance and if your movers do so, there are chances that you have run into a company that is trying to trick you in a way.

Therefore, never agree to pay that much in advance.

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Step 4: Check What Kind Of Insurance Your Moving Company Offers

The fact that your moving company is reliable and is sending you two movers and a truck to help you move does not mean you do not need insurance.

Everybody needs insurance.

Simply, you never know what might go wrong. Perhaps your Seattle movers do everything just perfectly – from packing to loading your precious possessions, but they get a bit damaged during the truck ride.

It is absolutely nobody’s fault and you cannot blame anyone for what happened.

The only thing you actually can do is get insurance and make sure you sleep peacefully without being in fear of anything happening to the items in your inventory.

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Step 5: Ask Your Movers How Do They Charge

This is one of the most important topics when deciding on hiring the moving company.

While some companies will send you two movers and a truck and charge based on the fact that they sent two movers, some other companies will charge based on how many hours your movers have worked.

The third one will charge based on how big your inventory was.

Therefore, your movers might charge based on the number of men, based on the number of hours or based on how big is the inventory they are moving.

If you are not moving locally, avoid hourly charging and look for movers who charge based on the size of your inventory.

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Step 6: Ask Your Motivated Packers And Movers Whether They Offer Additional Storage

Many moving companies can offer you additional storage when it gets necessary.

Not that anyone thinks that they will need it when they start planning their move, but it often turns out to be more useful than anyone has thought.

Additional storage is usually additionally charged, but not having to worry where to keep your sofa or a piano comes without a price in our opinion.

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How To Decide On The Number Of Movers You Will Need For A Stress-Free Move?

Now, let’s get more into details on exactly how to determine the number of movers your moving process will need.

It does not depend only on one factor, but rather a few of them.

o   How Big Is Your Inventory?

The first thing and the one that will definitely affect the number of Seattle movers you will need is the size of your inventory.

That is exactly why you might need only two movers and a truck, while your neighbor might need three movers, for example.

Many of them say that the size of your home plays a key role in this, but actually it is the size of your inventory.

You might possess a villa with almost nothing in it and therefore you will need less movers compared to possessing a two bedroom house that is simply filled with furniture, appliances, decorations etc.

For this reason, when deciding whether two movers and a truck will be enough for your move or not, start with making an inventory list and understanding the size of your inventory.

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o   What Kind Of Pieces You Wish To Move?

Now, it is not only important how many pieces you own, but also, what kind of pieces you own.

For example, two movers and a truck might be perfectly enough to move an average two bedroom home.

But, if your two bedroom home is filled with antique pieces that are very delicate and fragile and need some special kind of care, a pool table and a piano, two movers might not be enough after all.

When making arrangements with your movers, they will insist on learning about all the pieces they will need to move.

Based on that they will be able to determine exactly how many movers your unique moving process requires

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o   Other Factors

Besides what we have already mentioned, there are some other factors that might affect the number of movers you will need, and therefore, the cost of your move.

The types of service you are asking for might be very important. If you are expecting your movers to just load and unload and move your inventory, it is natural, you will need less men compared to expecting them to pack or unpack your inventory as well.

Also, if there is a parking spot near the place you live in and your building has an elevator, you will need less movers than those who only have the stairs for example.

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The Usual Number Of Movers Based On The Size Of Your Home

As we have already said, every home is different and needs an estimator to tell the exact number of movers and hours your move will take.

We are here to help you out and give you some directions and clues on how many movers you will need according to your home size (whether you will need only two movers and a truck or more), but you should definitely check it once more with your moving company.

1. If you are living in a studio or a small apartment and you wish to move, there are really great chances that 2 movers and a truck will be quite enough for finalizing your move. These men will probably need around 4 hours to load and unload your items, which means that your move will be done relatively fast.

2. If you are living in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, it will also take two movers and a truck in order for you to have a safe and stress-free move. Still, they might need a bit more time, meaning 5 hours should be a reasonable time frame for loading and unloading your inventory.

3. Having a 2 or 3 bedroom home means that you will need 3 movers for the job to be properly done. They will also need a bit more time – it is estimated that (under good circumstances) they will need around 6 hours to move to your home.

4. If you want your movers to move a 3 or 4 bedroom home, you will need 4 men and around 8 hours for them to load and unload all of your possessions.5. In the end, when moving a 4+ bedroom home, you will definitely need 4 movers to help you have a stress-free move. They will probably be working for around 10 hours to get everything done in time.

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