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  • Large storage (10x20)

Tacoma Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Let us introduce to you one of the best cities to live in Washington. Tacoma became an attractive place for young creatives, musicians, writers, artists and entrepreneurs. This place is ideal for those who are chasing their dreams, for those who want to raise their family or businesses to expand. The city is just 45 minutes outside of Seattle and it is way cheaper to live in. In Tacoma you will find museums, art galleries, art centers where you can enjoy the arts. This town is distinguished by its vibrant and culture scene. It is also a walkable city, so you won’t have to spend hours and hours in the traffic.

Tacoma has spectacular outdoor activities. Its Point Defiance Park attracts a bunch of tourists throughout the year. It is perfect for hiking and biking. There are playgrounds for the kids. What your kids will love is Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium. Not only this park can offer forest and gardens, but swimming, boating and fishing are also available. The waterfront is just beautiful.
Restaurants here are top of the notch and there is something for everyone’s taste. The town is crowded with coffee shops for those who can’t live without the perfect cup of coffee. For those who are looking for a great nightlife, there are a bunch of bars with great music and happy hours.

The coolest thing about Tacoma is downtown. There are lots of old buildings that are in current use today. Downtown Tacoma is a great place to walk around for fun and also find good food. Tacoma definitely takes pride in its city.
When it comes to education, Tacoma Public School District is one of the largest in the state.

Your new neighbors here are friendly and they will welcome you here warmly. It is a very diverse neighborhood that gives you an opportunity to meet and learn about other cultures.


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