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Relocating to a new home that’s visibly smaller than your last one will often require you to store some belongings, whether you might need short term storage or long term storage. Thankfully, you won’t have to do it yourself, as our in and out of storage moving services will cover all the associated preparations. If you’ve already rented some facilities, contact our customer support, and they’ll provide you with a free quote on your entire move.

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Our storage moving services will make your relocation feel easy

If you’re relocating from a huge home to a much smaller one, you’ll have to downsize your inventory, which is not always easy to do. Although you can quickly get rid of some of the items, you’ll likely have plenty of things left that still won’t fit into the new home. In that case, renting a short term storage unit becomes a necessity. However, storing items is not that simple, as you’ll still need to prepare all the things accordingly and transport them to the facilities.

The whole process can take a significant amount of time to complete, preventing you from finishing many other relocation-related tasks. Fortunately, not everything is so dire, as we have some excellent news for you. We at Seattle Professional Movers offer an incredible in and out of storage relocation service, which will make the process of storing these containers look easy.

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You pick the storage unit, and we will pave the road to get you there

Moving boxes in a storage facility in Seattle is not always easy to do, but getting this option will allow you to store all bedroom stuff and other containers in no time. Once you choose where you want to keep your belongings, our local movers in Seattle will do all the necessary packing before delivering them to the specified storage facility. Additionally, the service can also be used to transport items and furniture from storage to your home or other location.

We offer unmatched customer service 7 days a week

Before booking any of our services, you will have to speak with our customer support. A representative will answer your call and provide you with all the necessary information about the moving and storage services or any other option you find interesting. Once the relocation is booked, they will walk you through the entire process and notify you about anything related to your move.

We offer more than just Seattle storage moving services

Although getting this option is always a welcomed addition to your move, it’s only one of several local moving services you could use. Considering everything we have to offer, you won’t have to look for another mover in Seattle ever again:

  • Household movers – If you’re planning to move to a new home, this is the option for you. It comes with a truck that fits all your belongings and several movers that will load them onto it.
  • Apartment movers – Besides including a team of professionals and a truck, this move is better suited for those living or relocating to a high-rise building or apartment complex. Having to carry furniture across several flights of stairs or through a narrow hallway without damaging it is next to impossible without the help of professionals. Why burden yourself with these complex tasks when you can hire our team to assist you.
  • Commercial movers – Relocating a business is no easy feat, requiring plenty of planning to avoid unnecessary downtime. If you’re looking for a mover that can cover such a commercial storage relocation, our company will provide you with the largest truck in its arsenal and a crew that can handle any task you throw at them.
  • Packing services – Although all three previously mentioned options have some packing included, this is the only service that will cover things smaller than a cubic foot container. Considering everyday household belongings and fragile items of this size take the most time to secure, we highly recommend you book this option and save yourself weeks of preparations. Why go through the trouble of learning how to pack specific things when you can get our local moving company in Seattle to do everything.

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We are one of the top Seattle storage movers

Besides not being able to afford it, many avoid hiring professional Seattle moving companies because they feel like they aren’t getting their money’s worth. However, no one can resist hiring our company, as we are one of the best cheap movers in Seattle. Please don’t sleep on our excellent professional services, as they are worth every penny.

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These were only the essential details about our in and out of storage move and other things our company offers. To learn more about each option, including how much it will cost you to book a relocation, contact our relocation specialists and request a free quote.