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You have finally found the perfect apartment. It has a great location, just the right amount of space, and all the amenities you could ask for. Now, how are you going to get your stuff there? Hiring professional Seattle Moversis the easiest way to move but the expense can squeeze an already tight budget.

When thinking about relocation and moving budget, the first step is to get an estimate from reputable packers and movers. Every move is different with different challenges which means that moves are not all mainstream and easy to estimate. This is why we suggest getting an on-site estimate when possible. 

Estimates offered by Seattle Pro Movers are free with no obligation to use us, we simply want to give you a good, honest quote for your moving services. You should know what will be moved and what may stay or be given away before the estimator comes to your home to get the best estimate possible. And, if you follow our simple tips you will know the best way to get a moving quote from Seattle movers you can trust with your moving and packing needs. 

Let’s see what you should do first!

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Ask Around for Seattle Movers Recommendations

Almost everyone has moved at least once or twice in their lifetime, so start by asking around for recommendations. Family and friends who have recently moved are the best places to start, but you can also ask your real estate agent, workplace colleagues, or even post the question to your social channels, such as your Facebook page or a trusted group. Ask them to describe their most recent moving experience and ask specific questions like:

  • How was the customer service?
  • Was the cost reasonable?
  • Were there any hidden fees?
  • Were local movers prompt and professional?
  • Did they do everything they said they would do?

Whether they recommend professional packers and movers they loved working with, or warn you about a poor experience they had, all information is valuable.

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Look At Online Reviews

Online reviews such as Google, Facebook, and Yelp reviews can be a great way to see how a company has treated its customers in the past. Even looking at poor reviews to see if professional packers and movers made an effort to rectify a situation and respond publicly to a customer can tell you a lot about them. When looking at online reviews keep these questions in mind:

  • Are the comments in the reviews consistent?
  • Did the professional movers address concerns in poor reviews?
  • For the good reviews, what are customers saying that set the company apart?
  • Another good place to learn more about the trustworthiness of local businesses is the Better Business Bureau. And here read more about how to avoidmoving scams!
Check local movers’ reviews

Check For Company Insurance

You have to make sure there is coverage on your family, your possessions, your property, as well as your team of Seattle movers. This is why it is important to compare the associated insurance coverage with the moving service you are getting. Regardless of how good Seattle movers are, make sure there is full coverage, as that is only what you can trust. 

To avoid issues, ask the company’s representative of their insurance policies, and if they possess a license for conducting moving business. You should take your moving job to other Seattle movers if they don’t have any insurance policy in place or possess no license. 

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Binding VS Non-Binding Estimates

When you start negotiating moving estimate costs with professional movers, you will soon come across the terms ‘binding’ and ‘non-binding’ moving quotes. When contacted by a client, long-distance professional movers must provide a moving estimate form complete with thorough estimation of all costs involved – the quote can either be a binding- or non-binding quote.

This quote must include an estimate of the total transport costs and any extra charges that will be incurred after an on-site visit has been conducted. Do not sign any documentation until you have been made aware of the final costs of the move. Once you sign, you have formally agreed to all the fine print.

Binding moving estimates

Binding moving estimates are a written estimated quote calculated according to the total weight or cubic feet of the client’s possessions as well as the additional services that are incurred. Professional movers can charge for the drafting of a binding estimate; however, this does not automatically imply that the final cost of the estimate will remain the same upon completion of delivery.

Non-binding moving estimate

A non-binding moving estimate quote provides the client with a rough approximation of the total cost of the move. When such a quote is provided, the mover must explicitly state that the quote is non-binding which means that the quotation cost can increase upon receipt of the invoice.

Is all this legal?

Many of the times an inaccurate estimation could have taken place, or a simple misjudgment, and, in times like this, the Seattle movers will need to amend their original moving estimates cost. Don’t be reassured by the phrase “binding moving estimate”. The estimate is only binding to a price per cube.

E.g. professional movers may quote your move at 300 cubic feet, $6 per cube. That equals $1800. Once the packers and movers actually arrive and start loading the truck, the volume surprisingly goes up to 500 cubes. Now you will owe $3000. And legally, Seattle movers did nothing wrong. At this point, professional movers can adjust the estimate to the correct amount. 

Often binding moving estimates alter by up to 10% of the original value and this is completely legal and within the rights of the moving company to do – so long as it is all done before the possessions are loaded. The FMCSA is dedicated to ensuring a fraud-free move and will assist citizens from falling victim to moving fraud.

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Get Multiple Moving Quotes

Your budget is one of the major keys to consider when conducting research and making comparisons on professional local movers, and this is why we advised that you get moving quotes from at least four different moving companies. Prices can be different even if the professional movers are offering services in the same locations. 

The best way to get perfect pricing to determine the cost of your move is to get a moving quote from various companies and determine your overall cost because your moving costs are determined by the number of stuff you are moving, the time, and the number of hands required by your move. Make sure you know exactly the types of items you are moving, as you will be required to supply your inventory before you can be given a moving quote. 

Although cost is a key factor, it must not be the only factor you consider in making your final decision when choosing professional Seattle movers. Focus on how they charge and other items on the moving quote. You will be able to reduce the list to only packers and movers that offer you the best price and value when you prioritize this information. 

Keep in mind that moving quotes are just estimates of what you may end up paying but not the exact price. They should, however, contain the highest you can pay when going for various services. You should remember to check if your local mover is offering discounts or promotions as most of them offer deals for seniors, the disabled, veterans, and other groups of people.

Get multiple moving quotes and make your choice!

Book Seattle Movers Early

You certainly have a company in mind after following the steps above. This is the right time to check if they are available and book your moving service with them. If you have more than one company that checks all the boxes, you can contact all of them and let them know you are yet to decide your fit, any of them may consider lowering their prices to beat competitions and get your job. 

You can easily make an online reservation with Seattle Professional Movers. 

Notify the company if you don’t have a fixed moving date as they may also offer you a moving date that comes cheaper if you don’t mind moving any day. 

Changes to Your Move

Some movers will charge last-minute booking fees, so you can save money by scheduling well ahead of your moving day. Call your moving company to see when the best time to book would be. Some professional movers may also lower their quoted prices if you’re flexible on what days and times they can move your items.

It is also important to make sure that your items can be moved into your apartment right away when the packers and movers arrive. If a company has to wait, you may be charged for the trouble. 

Double-check with your landlord about when you can move in to avoid any hold-ups on moving day. And here you can check the Ultimate Local Moving Expenses Checklist!

Book local movers as soon as possible

Bottom Line

Planning a move, local or long-distance, is by no means an easy undertaking. However, if you start ahead of time and do proper research there is no means that you should struggle. Hundreds of thousands have moved and lived to tell the tale, right?

The most important factor to relocating is gathering the most accurate moving estimate costs information – whether you decide to do it yourself or get professional movers to help you out, is up to you. Just always remember to push for on-site visits as these remain the most accurate. 

There is nothing wrong with the evaluator requesting telephonic, video call, or photographic estimations after the on-site visit has been completed. So long as it is not requested before the time. And if you are not happy with the costs that you have been quoted then consider the DIY moving options or how to cut down on moving costs – this is also a great way to know exactly which boxes all your possessions have been packed into.

Last, but by no means least: do not be shy to ask questions. Professional Seattle Movers rely on the client’s ability to ask questions and gather information. Remember: professional movers know all the answers, it is you that is in the dark. Relocating is an exciting chapter in your life – enjoy every moment of it and best of luck in your new home!

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