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Beacon Hill – Local and long distance moving companies

Beacon Hill is a large, pea pod-shaped neighborhood located in south Seattle that is currently booming with new growth and development. Large businesses are moving to Beacon Hill, the community is growing rapidly and new construction is around almost every corner – this has attracted a great number of new residents and has become an amazing place for young families looking for the perfect place to settle. Depending on where you are on Beacon Hill, you’ll probably receive a different feel for the neighborhood due to its diversity. If you’re into the big city feel, you’ll probably find it on North Beacon Hill, where Beacon Hill meets Rainier Valley. Due to the closeness of North Beacon Hill to downtown, it’s considered the business district. South Beacon Hill is nestled between Columbia City, Georgetown and North Beacon Hill, and is considered to be much more peaceful and more affordable than North Beacon Hill. North Beacon Hill counts up to 11.000 residents, while South Beacon Hill has a slightly smaller number, with the resident count being around 5.000. The median home value on North Beacon Hill is around $500.000, while on South Beacon Hill, the value drops to $390.000. The median rent is around $1400, and while most residents rent their homes in North Beacon Hill, the majority of South Beacon Hills residents own their own homes.

Even though Beacon Hill is one of Seattle’s more relaxing, quaint neighborhoods, it does have a lot to offer. This means that Beacon Hill can give you the perfect blend of tours, parks, museums, curiosities, and food. Jefferson Park is the 6th largest park in Seattle, and it even has its own golf course, community center and bowling alley. A vast number of workshops, meetings and conventions are being held daily at one of the most unique event spaces in Seattle, the Centilia Cultural Center. From here, you’re pretty close to the Emerald City Trapeze Arts, a venue for actual circus training. You can take their aerial arts classes that they offer every day. For coffee lovers, Beacon Hill can offer you a local favorite – Victrola Coffee Roasters. Featuring an add on library, Beacon Hill features a large number of quaint, unique cafés like this one around the neighborhood. If you’ve never toured a distillery before, and even if you have, you should probably visit the Westland Distillery, the producer of the top-notch Westland American single malt whiskey.

Beacon Hill is a perfect living option for those who enjoy the best of both worlds, combining both a peaceful, suburban atmosphere that South Beacon Hill offers, with the familiar city hustle and bustle feel of North Beacon Hill. Even if that’s not enough, you could always go for a 10-minute drive and find yourself in downtown Seattle, where you can find absolutely anything your heart desires, while still not being in the middle of it all when you come home. And with the community rapidly growing, Beacon Hill will definitely shape itself into one of the best communities of Seattle, even though it most definitely already.


We are here to help you moving

Whether you’re moving your home, or relocating your office in the Beacon Hill, you’re probably going to need a professional moving company to handle the job for you. Not only are you looking for professionals, you’re looking for reliable, high-quality movers and you might think that they also come at sky-high rates. Seattle Professional Movers can show you that you can always be on the receiving end of expert, first-class local moving services, while our rates remain competitive and affordable. We can guarantee that you don’t have to compromise high quality service for a reasonable rate.

Feel free to request a free moving quote on our website, and we will help you evaluate your forthcoming expenses. Let us show you why we’re Beacon Hill’s top pick for residential, commercial, storage and apartment moving services. And the best part is that we’re only one phone call or web quote request away.

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