The Most Affordable Moving Dates According to Experts

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Moving is always stressful, but there is a period when it is best and easiest to move to a new home. Whether you are hiring a moving company, moving yourself, or renting just a truck during this winter period, bear in mind that moving companies have lower prices and greater available resources for winter moving.

Many believe that moving is a very easy and simple job, that it is enough to invite a couple of good friends and the move can begin. While cost can certainly be a big factor in selecting a moving company, it isn’t the only thing you need to consider.

Here we will draw your attention to when it is the right time to move and what you should consider before hiring professional movers.

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Choose the right timing for moving

Seattle is known for its crowds and that unfortunately represents our everyday life. Be ready and arm yourself with patience, because traffic jams in Seattle can very easily ruin your plans. You must provide a parking space in advance for the arrival of trucks or vans to load all things and transport them to a new location, so try to move yourself in that part of the day when the traffic frequency is lower.

Choose the winter time for moving

When hiring a professional moving company, the date and time of your move can make all the difference when it comes to the ease of your move. Bear in mind that the moving season starts somewhere around May and lasts until the end of September. Therefore, your costs will likely be lower if you choose winter moving. The rates are not only lower during the off season, but there are also a lot of discounts during those times so your move could end up costing you three times less than during the season.

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Pay attention to the part of the day or the day of the week when you are planning to move

When planning relocations, you have to adjust to the rhythm of the big city, so that you do not end up in a situation where you are wasting your precious time in traffic jams. If you have to move on weekdays, try to avoid the time from 07 to 09 am in the morning as well as from 4 to 6 pm,because  that is the time most people go to work or return from work. 

These times are the busiest, people use elevators frequently, so you should make a reservation for the elevator if that is possible. 

Late evening hours are not suitable for moving, especially if it is done in a building. No matter how much you take care of yourself, some of your future neighbors can get angry because of the noise and disrupting their daily routine.

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Which days are the best for moving?

You even have to be careful because not every day is suitable for moving.

Pay attention, if it is a national holiday, sports event or the arrival of a foreign statesman, on such days the traffic regime is changed, many streets are closed and there are diversions. Inquire and check in advance, so that you can coordinate your relocation day when there are no events.

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If at all possible, avoid moving before big holidays such as New Years and Christmas or Thanksgiving. You know that traffic jams before these holidays are huge, shopping centers are super busy, everywhere you go it is crowded but, above all, this time is intended for family gatherings, and you would definitely not want that period to be spent in moving.

When is the cheapest time to move?

The moving date can affect the final moving bill more than you think. Winter is the cheapest time of the year to move because the demand for professional moving services is at its lowest. 

Statistically, January will be the cheapest month to move.

Winter move has its pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide if you would like to wait for the winter and move at lower rates, or if you prefer moving during the summer.

It is good to know that the end and the beginning of each month are the most popular days for moving, because those are the periods when the leases of most people start and end, so you should avoid those dates if you would like to save money on your move.

Besides these, there are other days in the year that are cheaper than the other, as you will learn in the text below.

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Weekdays or weekends?

The goal, whether hiring professional movers for a weekday or a weekend, is to have the most stress-free move possible.

The downside to moving on a weekday is that you’ll miss at least a day of work — maybe more depending on the distance you’ll be traveling. On the other hand,you are likely to find better  rates for moving during the week. Also, it is most likely that you will have many spots left to make a reservation for your move, even without hiring last minute movers (last minute movers ALWAYS have the most expensive rates).

If you choose to move during the weekend, your move will not disrupt your workflow and it minimizes the amount of time you are away from the office. Moving over the weekend can be more convenient also because you may not encounter the rush hour traffic. However, the rates for moving during the weekend are higher and also there is less availability for those days, so you may need to make a reservation more than a month ahead of time. 

Moving during the summer

Most people will agree that summer is an ideal time to move. If you have children, they do not go to school in that period, the weather is great, and your friends are available to help you move. 

If this period is ideal for you, contact a moving company to book your move on time, for the days you have chosen. Keep in mind that you are not the only one who chose to move during the  summer and that this period is the peak of the moving season.

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Tips for moving during the winter months

Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons. In those months, we celebrate the most important holiday and welcome the new and say goodbye to the old year. Children are especially excited in winter because they can finally sled and snowball, while these older ones grumble because they have to clear the snow. But it is all part of the winter magic.

The beginning of the year means the beginning of a new life for many, so many people decide to move during December and January, although it may not seem so. Winter moving in cold weather has its flaws and virtues, so we will now share them with you.

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Moving in cold weather 

The temperature is low and the roads are frozen, and no matter how hard the road workers try, it is simply impossible to secure the roads on time. For that reason, it is very important which transport you choose to move. 

For moving in cold weather, we recommend van transport. Van transport is much smaller and lighter than truck transport, so driving it is somewhat safer.

Drive safely

Only safe drivers are more important than safe transport. During the move, you can easily find yourself overwhelmed or in a nervous disorder, because everything can go exactly the opposite of what you have planned. 

Relocations are exhausting and there is no point in lying about it. For this reason, we warmly advise you to leave the transport to the professional movers.

Drivers in our moving company have many years of experience in transporting goods and furniture, on longer and shorter distances, in all climatic conditions. 

So far, we have not had any accidents on the road and we are determined to keep it that way. Our drivers also participate in moving, packing and loading, so with our service you are sure that you will get the all inclusive rate.

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Winter planning for the move

Cold weather relocations need to be planned a little more carefully than summer moves.

For example, If it is a long distance move, we advise you to start preparations at least a week before moving. Check the weather forecast, monitor road conditions and news. 

As we have already said, winter moving should not limit you.

However, there are some extreme situations, such as strong winds and snow storms, when it is wise to stay in the comfort of your home and wait for the storm to pass.

Take care of your health

Take off the warm clothes you have until you unpack. Take care of your health, because it is very important to stay healthy, and the last thing you need during the winter move is to get a cold. Provide a parking space as close as possible to the entrance to your new home because it is much harder to carry things by hand in winter than in summer, as you already know how easy it is to get frostbites.

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Adequate protection of your belongings,your furniture and appliances. 

There are many materials that you can use to protect your belongings. Most important ones and the most common ones are: cardboard boxes, wrapping paper, plastic wrap, bubble wrap and moving blankets.

It is especially important to double protect everything in case of rain, so your furniture or boxes doesn’t get wet or ruined because of it.

Read more about packing and protection of furniture here.

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There you will find the tips for packing and protection of your belongings, but if you do not have the time for something like that, you can always choose a fullpack service with our company.We will send a team of packing experts to handle everything about your move.

Moving during winter with children

If you have children, you can plan a small vacation for them. During the move, you can leave them for a couple of days with their grandparents, aunt or uncle. The children will enjoy their free time and the fact that they will spend the winter holidays with their grandparents, while they will be happy that their grandchildren are finally there. And you will be able to organize your move in peace.

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The ‘Seattle Professional Movers’ company has a lot of experience in moving in cold or extreme summer weather conditions and professional drivers who manage in all conditions. For that reason, we advise you to call us, at least for advice, before embarking on winter moving adventures by yourself.