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Snohomish Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Snohomish was founded in the mid 1800s. This is one of the first cities inland from Puget Sound. It is located between the beautiful Cascade Mountains, Puget Sound and the vibrant city life of Seattle. If you would love to live somewhere where you can find a lot of land and a laid back lifestyle. This city is more quiet and calm than Seattle. It has beautiful scenery and historic sights. It is a very nice place to raise the family. Some of the public schools are simply outstanding. Teachers are very devoted and they are trying their best to educate the students. You will find private schools here as well. It is a rural and traditional town and most of the people who grew up here are glad to come back. The town is growing very fast, but it is still a very safe town to live in. People are friendly and down the earth. You can easily support local businesses here because there are a lot of them. Town is filled with cute and quaint stores. Strolling around you will see antique shops. Downtown is filled not only with shops, but with restaurants as well. You can enjoy Mexican, Italian, Asian or American food here.

During the summer, you can enjoy a lot of outdoor activities such as swimming, camping or having picnics with your family. During the fall and winter time the whole community is surrounded on the football field or in the gym watching a good high school football or basketball game. From May to September there is a Farmers Market. There are beautiful parks in Snohomish with great parks and trails. The weather in Snohomish is usually mild. Here is what we can recommend for you during your free time. The Snohomish Aquatic Center with a lazy river, hot tub, paddleboarding, dive lessons and everything less that’s fun. For those who love to ride a bike, there is Snohomish County Centennial Trail. An abundance of wildlife and historic bridge make Spencer Island Park a great location for sunny days.


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Snohomish is not the cheapest neighborhood to live in, but you will for sure enjoy your life here. If you need a moving company that will help you with your relocation – Seattle Professional Movers is the best moving company you can find. We are local movers and packers who can do your move from packing to arranging your big furniture where it needs to be in your new location. We have a lot of experience in the moving business, so there is nothing we can’t do for you. Get your free quote on our website or give us a call. We can’t wait to hear everything about your move.

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