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Interbay Local and Long Distance Moving Companies – Seattle Professional Movers

Interbay is a neighborhood in Seattle consisting of the valley between Queen Anne Hill and Magnolia. It is bounded on the north by Salmon Bay. Much of Interbay is taken up by BNSF Railway’s Balmer Yard. It is also home to Fishermen’s Terminal and the Port of Seattle. You should get ready that this town is a bit noisier because there is a lot of traffic. It is also not a walkable neighborhood, so it would be best to consider getting a car if you don’t have one already. Since grocery shops are within walking distance, you might have to find your way around by bike if you are not a big fan of driving. Since most of the residents are driving cars, parking might be a big problem. On the other hand, this neighborhood is close to other areas in Seattle. Even Interbay’s name defines it by proximity to other places.

As for parks, there’s the large Interbay golf course, and a few soccer fields. However, the Magnolia parks aren’t that far away, and Discovery Park is amazing, but if you don’t love long walks up steep hills, you’ll have to drive. Anyhow, there are areas for hiking, walking and cycling. You can go and exercise in one of the parks or just relax with your family on a picnic. There is a pleasant paved path, called the Elliot Bay Trail, that runs northwards from Myrtle Edwards Park on the downtown waterfront.

When it comes to restaurants there is a nice selection on the Interbay. This is mainly an industrial area, so there are plenty of job opportunities. It is also close to neighborhoods around if you have to commute to work and it is cheaper to live here. Commuting downtown is super easy living on the Interbay. The D Line stops every 15 minutes and if you’re on the bus before 8am I guarantee finding a seat. There is also a bike/walking path that makes its way downtown along the water. It is just over 4 miles, a very easy bike ride.

If you are thinking about getting a property here, bear in mind that there are only apartments here so far, no family houses. Interbay is home to a diverse range of industries, shops, and homes, giving it a uniquely industrial yet homey feeling. A golf course, playfields, the P-Patch community garden, and a food bank are just some of the many occupants of Interbay. 15Th Avenue West is the main road through Interbay for those looking for shopping or dining options, although the area is quite crowded, and traffic can get bad during rush hour.


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