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Are you planning to move to one of Seattle’s wealthiest suburbs? A moving company in Seattle has everything you need to have a simple, stress-free relocation. Our local Clyde Hill movers are highly professional and will provide you with the best packing, labor, and transport services on the market. Contact us to learn more about our pricing.

Clyde Hill Is One of Seattle’s Wealthiest Suburbs

Clyde Hill is a part of King County’s Eastside Region. It’s just east of the Emerald City, and it also borders Bellevue, Medina, Hunts Point, Yarrow Point, and Kirkland. While it may not be among the most affordable Seattle suburbs, it’s undoubtedly one of its best. The city’s housing, excellent schools, and low crime rates make even living in Downtown Seattle pale in comparison.

This Is One of the Wealthiest Places in the State

With how much residents earn, it’s no wonder that the city is often referred to as affluent. The per capita income of 92,050 is almost three times Washington’s $33,000 (*according to AreaVibes). The household difference is even more significant, with the median income of $193,500 being more than triple that of the state’s $62,850. Based on income per capita alone, it’s often ranked among the top-earning areas in the state. Besides being rich, locals are also more likely to be highly educated. About 77% of all adults have at least a bachelor’s degree, and 35% have a master’s, both of which are much higher than Seattle’s percentages.

The City’s Excellent Education Opportunities and Low Crime Make It a Great Choice for Families

One of the main characteristics of all the best neighborhoods in Seattle for families is that they have many excellent schools. Local schools are run by Bellevue School District, one of the best school districts in Seattle. Students score 78% on their tests, much higher than the 57% Seattleites score on average. The educational system’s success is shown in the fact that 97% of all adults graduate from high school, more than the capital’s 92%.

The overall safety is one more thing that makes the area an excellent choice for families. According to a report by the FBI, the city experienced 38 crimes overall in 2019, all of which were property crimes (mostly thefts). If we extrapolate the data and compare it to Seattle’s numbers, we get that the city’s crime rates are 78% lower. That easily puts it among the safest neighborhoods in Seattle.

Real Estate Prices Are High, but Reasonable Considering the Lot Sizes

If you’re planning on living in one of the best suburbs of Seattle, be prepared to pay up. Although some smaller lots pre-date the city incorporation, new ones have a minimum of 20,000 square feet. Due to the sheer size of available real estate, it’s no surprise to learn that the local housing is some of the most expensive in the state. However, even with the median home value of $1,578,900, buying is still significantly more prevalent, and owners occupy over 92% of households. In case you’re one of the few interested in renting here, the median rent is $2,900 per month. If you’re a first-time renter, learn all about Seattle renters’ rights.


Hire One of the Top Seattle Moving Companies

If you’re looking for excellent, cheap movers in Seattle, our company has just the thing you need. Having served more than 20,000 customers throughout the state of Washington, Seattle Professional Movers is one of the leading companies on the market. We operate in many suburbs, not just in the cool neighborhoods in Seattle, and our team can cover all the necessary services you may need.

We Offer More Than a Few Moving Services in Seattle

As one of the top moving companies in Seattle, WA, we offer various services. Take a look and feel free to contact us to book some of these services:

  • Packing service – By hiring our company, you won’t have to bother finding the right materials and moving boxes in Seattle. With the appropriate workforce there to help, packing won’t last nearly as long as DIY.
  • Residential relocation – Hiring the right local movers in Seattle can help you alleviate the symptoms of moving stress and enable you to have a much more enjoyable home move. After all, you’re not getting a new place every day.
  • Apartment move – One of the things that makes these moves easier is that they are usually smaller in scope. However, other things need to be considered when changing apartments, such as their accessibility, including stairs, service elevators, and narrow hallways. Fortunately, our team knows how to overcome all these challenges.
  • Commercial relocationMoving a company usually takes more time and significantly more manpower than the usual home relocations. If your business requires it, you can have our whole team at your disposal.
  • Labor-only move – If you’ve done all the packing and got a truck, you’ve already prepared most of the relocation. We know that some people love to do everything themselves, but there’s no need to risk a severe injury by lifting all the heavy objects. Hire our mover in Seattle, and we’ll handle all the loading and unloading for you.

Our Movers in Clyde Hill Are Good at Moving Things in-and Out-of Storage

Now that you’ve moved to a new place that has more than enough room, you can finally get some of the items you’ve kept stored for so long. If you want our in-and out-of storage service, we’ll transport anything you need from the storage unit to your current address. On the other hand, if you have too much stuff, and you’re not going to donate furniture in Seattle, you can always store it for later use. Our Seattle movers can also move any objects you don’t need back into your storage unit.

Contact Our Clyde Hill Movers and Request a Free Quote

Do you already have a new place locked-in? If you’re planning to book a move, you can request a free quote from one of our local representatives. Contact us for additional information either by phone or through our website. Becoming the top Seattle moving company isn’t easy, and we couldn’t have done it without the support and feedback from our previous customers. If you’re satisfied with what we’ve provided, please leave a review so we can continue to improve our service.

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