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Do you want to move your home to one of Seattle’s best suburbs and need professional help? Canyon Park movers are top qualified experts who will make the move an unforgettable experience. The residential neighborhood of Canyon Park is situated in Bothell, Washington. You will find more information on this lovely spot in the following text.

Things You Should Know About Canyon Park, WA

Canyon Park is a beautiful suburban community and one of the best suburbs of Seattle, WA. This neighborhood is located in Seattle in the Northeast area. This place in Bothell is 1.6 square miles in size, with nearby attractions and alternatives to renting worth investigating. This suburban district is a vital part of the city of Seattle, Washington. Most people realize that this is an exciting place to call home. People choose this community because of many variables, including location, price, rental affordability, education, lifestyle opportunities, transit proximity, and more. Downtown Seattle is 14.6 miles from Canyon Park, which is very convenient for commuting.

Housing Types and Prices

The types of homes available for rent are primarily what the real estate industry considers ‘multifamily’ apartments, including multiple apartment communities, as neighborhood trends have culminated in high-density development. Apartment rent costs are from $1,200 to $3,500.

Transportation – Is the Commute Long?

You will probably have to drive to your workplace, even though the neighborhood is walkable. There are several neighborhoods where many can get to work in just a couple of minutes, while others may have a lengthy and complicated commute. In the neighborhood of Canyon Park, the highest percentage of commuters spend between 30 and 45 minutes commuting one way to work, which is a little above the average duration of a commute for the US. Here most people (70%) travel alone to get to work in a private vehicle. Moreover, quite a few also carpool to get to work with employers, colleagues, or neighbors (14%), and 13% of people also take the bus for their daily commute.

Things to Do

This community has many parks and open spaces like other Washington neighborhoods, highlighted by giant trees and thick underbrush. Explore the North Creek Trail that passes through the center of town if you like hiking. Residents have easy connections to restaurants, grocery stores, and supermarkets along Bothell Everett Highway. Locals commute to Downtown Bothell for more shopping, dining, and entertainment opportunities. Canyon Park is only a 30-minute drive from Seattle, so for commuters looking for a smaller community, this is a perfect option.


Canyon Park Movers Will Help You With Your Relocation Process

You’ve got to make a proper organization for the move after having a moving away party and saying farewell to your neighbors. Creating a moving to-do list is our first and most significant suggestion. This way, you’ll be able to keep in mind every task you need to do, and you’re not going to get stuck in the process. A great way to manage the costs and stay prepared for the relocation process is by making a moving expenses checklist. If you are uncertain of how to protect delicate items from smashing and how to pack glasses for moving or how to pack dishes for moving, it may be the perfect approach to book movers in Canyon Park for help. You can overcome the moving stress caused by this long process if you rely on our professional Seattle movers. Check out more about our moving services in Seattle, and if you have any concerns, ask our customer support for help.

Feel Free to Contact Our Local Short-Distance Movers to Ask About Moving Services

Our reviews will show you that Seattle Professional Movers is one of the best short distance moving companies in Seattle, with several years of experience and thousands of happy customers. Our movers in Seattle always want to make sure that everyone can afford our services. Feel free to call our agents if there is anything else that you would like to hear about our services.

Our Seattle Professional Movers Provide the Best Relocation Services

We specialize in home relocations with our residential service.  We will pack and move any of your home furnishings in a truck to your new home fast. Furthermore, we can offer you a commercial service if you want to move your company anywhere in the surrounding area. In no time, your business office will be moved to the chosen location. If you’ve arranged everything and only require an extra workforce to load or unload heavy objects, our company could also supply you with a team for labor only options.

If you book packing services, our Seattle movers will supply you with high-quality materials and take care of the entire packing process. They will also have some advice for you, such as reminding you of the most commonly forgotten things to pack. Without any trouble on your side, your items will be ready for relocation.

We Also Offer Storage Moving Service

Our local moving company in Seattle will provide you in-and out-of-storage moving if your old storage has become too limited for all the things you want to bring there, and you want to move it elsewhere. Needless to say, all of your items will be secured in a truck during the delivery.

Get a Free Quote and Contact Us Today

When it comes to pricing, we do our hardest to be responsive and straightforward. You can receive a free quote on our website or by contacting our customer support. You’ll know the estimated expenses when you get the quote, and you’ll be able to figure out your expenses checklist. Other than this, there will not be any surprises or hidden expenses. Reading our customers’ reviews will convince you that we are the best relocation company in this region. While we are taking care of the move, you can try the best burger in Seattle or visit other cool neighborhoods in Seattle.

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