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Beaux Arts Village is located in the Eastside region of Kind County. It is by far the smallest municipality in the country with a population of 299 people living here. There is no town hall, all of the official meetings take place in private homes. It is needless to say that this is a close knit community.

Some might call it the suburbs of Seattle, but it is certainly more than that. Based on the per capita income it is the 7th in the state of Washington.
Beaux Arts Village was founded in 1908 as an artists colony. It was named after the Western Academy of Beaux Arts to which its founders belonged. Fun thing about this is that at that time, membership at such an academy would cost you $200.
Nowadays, you can get such membership by home ownership.

Along with many other commodities, there is a private beach here for the residents of the town. It consists of 1,100 feet of Lake Washington shoreline. There are also small parks in the area, Mercer Slough Nature Park can be visited and walked through in a day.
All of those 299 residents reported to live in 113 households. Caucasions account for 95% of the village’s population and 4%  Asian and 1% of people of Hispanic descent.The average price of a house in 2013 was around $950,000 but the village’s estimated median household income that same year was $156,925, which is astonishing.


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