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If you want to live in a sophisticated and artistic part of The Emerald City, this neighborhood is the place to go. Local Arbor Heights movers will make your relocation easier; you just need to choose the right ones. There are many moving companies in Seattle, but we have stayed on top for over twenty years for a reason. Discover more about your chosen neighborhood and why we are the best option for you.

Arbor Heights Neighborhood Guide on Everything From Cost to Vibe

Arbor Heights is the southernmost part of West Seattle, bordered on the north by Roxbury Street. It offers its residents a cozy small-town feel in the big city. Around 5,000 people reside in this area. So, let’s take a look at how much it costs to live here and what it’s like living here.

Cost of Living in Arbor Heights, Seattle, WA

This is one of the nicest and safest neighborhoods in Seattle. According to AreaVibes, it has a cost of living index of 158, which means that it’s around 37% higher than the Seattle average. A home in this neighborhood will cost you around $520,000, which is the median home value. Most people are homeowners around here, but if you choose to rent, we advise you to check our blog about Seattle renters’ rights. As for the rent, expect to pay around $1,750 each month.

A Slice of Small-Town Life in a Bustling City

This is one of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle where you will be surrounded by urban sophisticates and artsy types who have a fine taste and a love for nature. The area mostly consists of houses, and that, the location, and the friendliness of people give it that small-town vibe. Here, you’ll enjoy a great view of Puget Sound and Mount Rainier. Some of the most beautiful parks in Seattle are in this neighborhood, and the beach is nearby. There are many great coffee shops and restaurants, and the locals swear their pho and burgers are the best in town.

Getting Around the Neighborhood

There are many ways to get around the neighborhood, but a special emphasis is put on biking. People here seem to be big on cycling, some even choosing it as a way to commute. Speaking of commuting, the average commute is around 30 minutes, which is not bad, considering you are in a peaceful place, and there are different options to choose from. If you were wondering do you need a car in Seattle, it would be pretty useful to have it, considering the stores are not within walking distance. Or better yet – go with the flow and choose to bike.


Why Seattle Professional Movers Company Is on Top for Twenty Years

Moving companies in Seattle, WA, come and go, but we have stayed on the very top of the industry for over two decades. That’s because we have built our reputation with our customers by being reliable, trustworthy, and professional. Hiring relocators might increase your moving expenses checklist, but if you hire us, your moving to-do list will significantly decrease, and you won’t feel any moving stress. Put your trust in us and get settled in your new home easily, quickly, and without a worry on your mind.

Our Local Arbor Heights Movers Will Make Moving Easy

We are firm believers that relocating shouldn’t be a stressful experience but a joyful moment of setting up a new home. And that’s precisely what our local movers in Arbor Heights aim to provide to our customers, no matter the distance of their move. They’ve got the experience, expertise, and moving hacks, and they know the terrain too well, so put your trust in them, and you’ll be in for one smooth ride. When it comes to moving services in Seattle – no one goes the distance as our crew does.

Our Seattle Movers Will Help You Choose the Best Moving Services for You

There are certain factors to consider when choosing among the moving services in Seattle, like the distance or the size of your move. In this section, we’ll help you better understand our services in your area, and our customer support will offer further assistance, if necessary.

  • Packing service – Are you overwhelmed by questions such as how to pack books for moving? How to pack dishes for moving? Or how to pack glasses for moving? These are the challenges each one of those about to embark on a packing process faces. Read each blog, or avoid all that hassle by hiring our professional packers. They do it fast, efficiently, and if you hire our packers, nothing will get broken or damaged.
  • Residential moving service – Our movers are experienced and well-versed in the relocation process, and they will get you settled in your new home smoothly. They will do all the work – all that’s left for you to do before they get to your place is to check what items movers won’t move.
  • Commercial moving service – If you have a business office to move, we’ll make sure it’s moved fast and efficiently if you contact us and request our commercial services. Check out some of the best rooftop bars in Seattle in the meantime – some of them are great as coworking offices.
  • Labor-only service – As we go the distance to cover each relocation task we possibly can, we’ve provided an option for those who like to DIY their move. Those who take the DIY approach often find themselves in need of help with the physical labor part of the move. If you choose our labor service, you can grab yourself the best burger in Seattle and let our professionals load or unload your rental.

We Are Here if You Need Your Belongings Moved to or From Storage

You may find yourself in need of extra time or space during this period and consider renting a storage unit. A good way to avoid this is to properly declutter, get rid of things you don’t need, and donate furniture in Seattle. If you still end up renting a storage space, we can help transport your belongings in or out of storage. Choose our in-and out-of storage service and choose the time and place – the rest will be done by us.

Take a Look at Our Reviews and Get a Free Quote

If you review testimonials from our previous customers, it will help you understand why we have been the customers’ favorite in this line of work for so long. We encourage our customers to leave reviews of their experience with our Seattle moving company, as it helps us improve our quality, and it also helps future customers make up their minds.

This Mover in Seattle Will Give You a Free and Quick Quote

If you contact us, you can get a free and quick estimate of the cost of the services you’re interested in. Our prices are affordable and transparent, so you won’t have to worry about costs adding up to a different amount than quoted. Rely on our quotes and rely on us, Seattle Professional Movers, for your relocation because we’re the best.

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