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Riverton – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Being one of the smallest cities in the area of the King County, Riverton managed to be one of the best cities for living in the area. The whole population of the city is 6 thousand people and they all have a great opportunity to enjoy all the beautiful wonders that this area has to give.

If you are a fan of the outdoors Riverton can offer a wide spectrum of outdoors activities. The most popular places to visit and to enjoy daily are the Riverton park, where you can enjoy several playgrounds and make wonderful picnics with your family or friends. Besides this park, the Riverton Heights Park is a beautiful destination for relaxing and spending your afternoon. There is a beautiful fountain and a basketball court and lots of sports fields.

There are many food and drinking options that the city has to offer. Everywhere you look you can find a nice little restaurant or a Pizza Hut, where you can relax and enjoy your meal after spending your day outdoors. You can find a mexican and chinese restaurant and fast food corners on the same street!

This area is known for its beautiful nature and Riverton is something to look forward to when visiting the King County. You can drive to the Seahurst or Lakeridge Park very fast or just take a longer walk and enjoy your day by the sea with a view!

Because of its location in the centre between Renton and Seahurst you can easily enjoy visiting other cities by getting there very fast with a car or a bike. Riverton is very close to the city of Renton known for is great coffee, so if you are thinking of a road trip for a cup of coffee this is a great opportunity. Riverton is a great place to livin in considering the location and opportunities and it is very well connected with other cities in the area. It is a perfect location for everyone who doesn’t enjoy traffic and city noise but is very close to the city stress and action.


We are here to help you moving

If you are planning to move to this great area, we can surely help you out. As a local moving company we know this area very well and we have experience in both residential and commercial moving. Whether you are planning to move your whole household from a two storey home or a smaller apartment, we can help you prepare and organize everything-from packing and unpacking to furniture assembly. Besides, if you already picked a location and rented a truck, we can help you load or unload all of you items safely. Our team is always prepared to provide you with the best possible service.

You can contact us any time since our amazing relocation specialists are working any day of the week and get a free estimate or by requesting a quote on our website. We can’t wait to help you move!

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