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Our average rating: 4.9

Used these guys on August 26th and it was such a great experience. Chase and Rocco were AWESOME! Very prompt with great senses of humor. They definitely helped my nerves. Major plus: very affordable.

Brady Terry  (Google review)

Was looking for a mover that would. Filled out their easily accessible Google doc form on their website, and got a response via call the next day. Got a good quote as well. Was easy, reliable and efficient. Would definitely recommend.

Desiree Newman  (Google review)

When these guys first came to my door all wearing the Seattle Professional Movers tshirts I thought, whoa these guys are here to do business. and that's exactly what they did. I think Seattle Professional Movers holds a level of professionalism that most moving companies don't have. they had awesome service and worked really hard. They are excellent movers and i would not hesitate to recommend them to a friend.

Victoriak Rice  (Google review)

Seattle Pro Movers has done a great job with my moves both of the times that I've used them this year. They are fast, efficient, and do a fantastic job of taking care of the items and surroundings during the move. They've become my go to for moves in Seattle, and I've recommended them to a coworker for her move. Great service.

Orlando O'Neill  (Google review)

Mark and his team are very professional. They were on time getting into our place and took well of our properties. They also followed our requests to place our stuff where we want them to be. They were working really hard for four hours even without a break. My husband and I are very satisfied with their service and we highly recommend them.

Lijun Chen  (Google review)

Stacy & co. at Seattle Professional Movers were awesome! The guys were efficient, fast, and the price was extremely reasonable. The booking process was painless and they arrived right on time. I will definitely be using Seattle Professional Movers again!

Denise Ramirez  (Google review)

My three man team (Taylor, Adic and George) showed up on time and were very polite, professional, and quick! They did a great job packing, disassembling my bed, transporting and then reassembling. I will gladly use their help again. Even though my move was a short one, only a block!, they still made it a lot easier than trying to do with myself with friends. Well worth the money spent.

Bill Viking  (Google review)

Mark and Alex just moved ALL of my things from Ballard to Queen Anne and they were EXCELLENT! I had this couch in storage that they had to take the legs off of just to get it out of the unit. Then they finagled it into the room somehow - they are moving wizards! HIGHLY RECOMMEND these guys!

Tanner Briggs  (Google review)

What a great group of guys! Hard workers great attitudes all around nice guys! I appreciate all the hard work and treatment of all my stuff as if it was your stuff! Wouldn't think twice to use this company and this group of guys again! Thanks again guys.

Silvia Thornton  (Google review)

We had an awesome experience with this company. We needed movers on pretty short notice and they worked us into their schedule. Their rates are very reasonable-especially if you pay in cash. Our movers were Mark, Alex, and Yedil, and they were all friendly and super efficient but still very careful with our things. I still cannot believe how quickly and smoothly the whole process went. Would definitely hire these guys again!

Larissa Stassek  (Google review)