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Our average rating: 4.9

My case was escalated with customer service and we worked out a reimbursement deal that left me satisfied. Minus one star given the hassle of going through several levels of complaints over the month. Like the other reviewer, I'm not sure if I would consider using them again, but am content with the result.

Kat Z.  (site review)

Once the issue was addressed, swift resolution was made. I'm not sure if we will use this company again to move but are happy with how seriously and quickly they worked to come up with something we were both happy with. Thank you, SPM.

Quinn C.  (Site review)

This company really helped us out. They were able to book a couple weeks out, good communication prior to the service appointment, and consistent on price expectations! Showed up on time and did an excellent job with some heavy equipment(we are a gym that was doing a reorganization, some pieces of equipment weighed upwards of 500+lbs.) Worked the whole time they were on the job, asked questions when they needed to. No damage, smooth! Thanks guys!

Per K  (Site review)

Tony and Roman were two of the most professional, courteous, and efficient movers I've ever seen. They arrived right on time and got immediately to work, and even though the job was long and tiring, they were never anything but total pros. Our move was on short notice and we would have been in trouble without movers as experienced and capable as Tony and Roman, I doubt we would have been able to get it all done in one day. I would absolutely recommend Seattle Professional Movers to anyone in the Seattle area.

Paul N  (Site review)

Simply put from the booking process to the special requests I have made, these guys are PROS.We had such an easy time working with these guys. The protected the floors completely wrapped the furniture went an extra mile with my grandmother sawing table put TV's inboxes with I never seen for local moving companies to do.When we got to our storage the advised us and we got one more unit and completely restoked all the furniture and boxes to have an easier access.The estimate on point sharp the price fair, just easy guys to work with and very helpful with organizing our units.When we move back in Seattle Professional Movers is the company hired to do the job.

Anatolie M.  (Site review)

I would hire this company again in a heart beat! They were on time, professional, took care off my furniture. One of the legs was broken on my chaise but they came back and fixed it soon after. They were reasonably priced! Wish all contractors were like them.

Gracen Fuller  (Google review)

We were very impressed with Seattle Professional Movers! They showed up right on time, were extremely professional and efficient, and were very careful and thoughtful with moving our furniture into our new home. We would definitely recommend Seattle Professional Movers!

Ruthn Mendez  (Google review)

Moved from Seattle to Bellevue and Robert was an amazing help. The movers were on time and all of my delicate furniture stayed in perfect condition. Thank you Krieger and the fellas/movers. It was one of the easiest moves of my life.

Pansy Wright  (Google review)

Benson and his team from Seattle Professional Movers were excellent. they moved us from a 1 bed room in Stamford ct to a 2 bedroom apartment few blocks away. all items were moved in perfect condition. I had heavy furniture and they moved it efficiently. I definitely recommend their company.

Gumi Shumi  (Google review)

GREAT MOVING COMPANY! My daughter was moving to a new apartment in Seattle, they did a great job packing and moving everything. Fast job with nothing damaged- what more can you ask for? Will defiantly use again for next move.

Cassey Hedden  (Google review)