Packing services

When you decide to relocate an entire household, it is crucial that your items are packed and ready to go on time. You wouldn’t believe the amount of stress that is eliminated when you have decided to hire professional packing services and be fully prepared and packed before the big day arrives. We are glad to offer some help with that.

Do you need professional packing services for your up-and-coming move? Our experienced teams of packers and movers can help you get packed or move your entire home to a new location with a breeze.

Why Choose A Local Professional?

Your best option is to find a local moving company with the right knowledge and skills to move your home effortlessly. We at Seattle Professional Movers know the area, which allows us to choose the most efficient route for moving and avoiding traffic. With two decades of experience, our team of professionals can anticipate your needs saving your time and money.

Using this valuable and dedicated care, our experienced packers and movers tailor our services to suit your needs and meet the challenges of relocating within your area.

Seattle Professional Movers Tailor the Packing and Moving Services to Your Needs

Like any expert moving service providers, Seattle Professional Movers offer plenty of options to box up your belongings. If you give us a call to check our rate and availability, our move coordinators will be glad to assist you in choosing the level of packaging help you’ll need. Our company will be able to provide you with one of the following packing options for the relocation of your home.

Full Packing Service

If you’d wish to cross out worrying about your move completely, we will send the team of moving experts to handle everything about your relocation. Using specially designed boxes, we will come and carefully pack all of your belongings up from the attic to the basement. We will only leave out the items you tell us to. Long story short, you won’t have to lift a finger with our full package.

Partial Packing Service

This package is for those who don’t mind packing but could use some extra help. In that case, our partial services are the perfect solution. No matter if you need us to tackle the largest items in your home or work on preparing storage areas for the move – whatever you need, our team of moving pros is at your disposal.

Unpacking Service

We can alleviate the stress of your move by arranging a variety of additional services to help you settle in your new home. When you hire us to do the packing for you, rest assured we will undertake the entire job and assist you with the unpacking process of your boxes and furnishings at your new home.

What Do I Need To Do – Tips From Our Expert Movers

The whole purpose of hiring professionals to handle your relocation is having the time for yourself while you let others do the heavy lifting. Still, there are some things you can do to help your move go effortlessly:

  • Decide whether or not you will hire our packing services and let us know in advance
  • Get rid of excess baggage
  • Create a comprehensive list of your belongings for us to be able to calculate a precise price estimate
  • Have a separate list of your most fragile items prepared beforehand

Looking for Packing Services Near You? – Get More Info And a Free Quote Today

Seattle Professional Movers are committed to customer satisfaction with every move by anticipating the type of packing as well as the materials you will need for your local move. Our years of expertise have taught us how to make your moving experience enjoyable and effortless. Do you need more information about our packing and moving services near you? Feel free to give us a ring and get a free quote today or ask any questions you have.

How long before moving should you start packing?

Moving takes time, and it is important not to procrastinate until the last minute. Make sure you give yourself enough time to declutter, organize, and pack your belongings. Go through your storage space and throughout the entire household, and make an inventory list. Prepare the list with needed supplies and other materials at least a month before your move. No matter if you are hiring professional help or doing a DIY move, planning ahead of time is crucial.

What supplies and materials should be used for wrapping for fragile items?

Your fragile items must be safely wrapped and protected during transportation. The most commonly used supplies for individual wrapping is newsprint, but it is recommended that you pack using bubble wrap, foam netting, or polyfoam for added protection. Also, choose sturdy, small boxes to transport those goods. Choose our professional packing services, and we will provide all the basic supplies for your relocation.

Why should I hire professional packing service?

You are going to be a lot busier than you imagine, and figuring out the logistics will take plenty of your time before the heavy lifting even begins. For these reasons and more, we highly recommend hiring professionals to handle your relocation. Make sure to contact a local moving company in your area to consult on further details.

Do you tip movers?

There is no cast-iron rule when it comes to tipping your movers, and you should bear in mind that they wouldn’t mind a cold refreshment instead of cash. But if you are going to tip, it is best that you follow the general guideline of 5-10%.