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Northeast Tacoma is an urban community located in Tacoma, Washington, with a current population of around 20.000. The median home value in Northeast Tacoma is $510,555, while median rent is around $1300 per month. The average income for residents is around $90,000. Based on population density, Northeast Tacoma is considered to be a suburban neighborhood. Housing varies, from medium to large single-family homes that often have over 4000 square feet of living space.

Another interesting fact about this community, Northeast Tacoma has the most planned communities of any neighborhood in Tacoma.  Northeast Tacoma has three public elementary schools, including Northeast, Brown’s Point, and Crescent Heights Elementary Schools. All three elementary schools prepare the students to attend the Jerry Meeker Middle School and the high school students of Northeast Tacoma usually attend Stadium High School. There is also an abundance of options available for private schooling. Depending on where you’re driving from, commuting to Tacoma from Northeast Tacoma will take about 15-20 minutes. If you’re commuting to Seattle, Browns Point is as far north as you can live and still be in Tacoma.

If what you want are things to do in Northeast Tacoma, or going for a short drive to Tacoma, then there are a few clear choices. All of North Tacoma puts you close to the beautiful waterfront and scenic strolls. North Tacoma is also close to downtown, Old Town, and 6th Avenue, where you’ll find loads of restaurants, bars, and shops. By far the best neighborhood for attractions is downtown Tacoma. This area features the Tacoma Art Museum, Museum of Glass, Bridge of Glass, theaters, and many of the best restaurants in town, all within a fairly small area. The Old Town neighborhood is small but has quirky coffeeshops and restaurants to check out as well as near proximity to the waterfront. Both North Tacoma and old Town lack major attractions, but they do boast lots of tiny restaurants and shops that offer abundant bike lanes and sidewalks.

And if you’re looking for something to do in the immediate area, Northeast Tacoma community is home to Brown’s Point Lighthouse Park and also has a neighborhood park that features tennis and sport courts, a baseball field, picnic tables, and a playground. Northeast Tacoma boasts a well-known fitness center, an 18-hole golf course, and a beautiful beach to walk on.  When the weather is nice you can head down to the beach around Lighthouse Park and watch the boats. The Centre at Norpoint boasts a gym and climbing wall for indoor fitness when the weather is less accommodating. Also, don’t miss dining out at the Cliff House Restaurant and enjoying astonishing views of the City of Tacoma skyline.


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Northeast Tacoma is a spectacular option for people who want to live in Tacoma, but not live in Tacoma at the same time. Escape the traffic and crowds and reside in the many homes of Northeast Tacoma that offer spectacular views of the water. Everything considered, Northeast Tacoma is somewhat isolated as it is separated by the port and is a quiet place to live surrounded by astounding beauty.

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