• Studio
  • 1 bedroom
  • 2 bedrooms
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 4 bedrooms
  • 4+ bedrooms
  • Small office
  • Medium office
  • Large office
  • Small storage (5x5, 5x8, 5x10)
  • Medium storage (10x10, 10x15)
  • Large storage (10x20)

Hiring a moving company in Seattle will enable you to have a significantly easier relocation.

Our local North Hill movers can provide you with all the necessary services, including packing, labor, and transportation. If you need more information about the pricing for each of these options, contact us, and request a free quote from our representatives.

The Suburb Offers Affordable Housing and Plenty of Outdoor Opportunities Close to the Capital

This residential neighborhood is located in Des Moines, one of Seattle’s satellite cities. The area is less than a mile away from the Puget Sound shoreline, offering plenty of outdoor opportunities. The neighborhood also has relatively affordable housing, and its distance to the capital means commuting won’t take too long.

The Area’s Cost of Living Is Relatively Affordable

According to BestPlaces, Des Moines’s cost of living index is 34% lower than Seattle’s. Most of the real estate includes single-family homes, and the housing prices being on par with the more affordable Seattle suburbs. The median home value of $379,800 is 53% less expensive than the capital’s $714,400. The average prices for one and two-bedroom apartments go around $1,500 and $1,800, respectively. If you’ve never rented before, know that Seattle renters’ rights don’t include rent control.

Crossing the Distance to Downtown Won’t Take Too Long

People living in the best suburbs of Seattle usually don’t have to commute for too long to get to the city center, and this neighborhood is no exception. Since Downtown is less than 15 miles away, do you need a car in Seattle? While the public transit system is a viable option, it will take you about an hour to get to some of the best Seattle breweries. Getting to some of the cool neighborhoods in Seattle is a lot easier when driving. Whether you cross the distance via Washington State Route 509, or Interstate 5, you’ll be in Downtown in about 20 minutes.

Numerous Parks and the Puget Sound Shoreline Offer Many Outdoor Opportunities

One of the best things about the neighborhood is that it’s very close to some of the best parks in Seattle, which, along with the Puget Sound shoreline, offer plenty of opportunities. Check out some of the next few spots when you move here:

  • The 27-acre Marine View Park has some excellent shaded hiking trails. The park’s paths are steep, and the fantastic sandy shoreline offers some amazing views of the Sound, especially at sunset.
  • While most of the Angle Lake shoreline is occupied by private homes, it’s lake adjacent park features swimming and picnic areas. The lake is also a popular fishing spot, open all year round.
  • The Des Moines Creek Trail follows the namesake creek throughout the city. The 4-mile roundtrip trail goes from the Des Moines Beach Park in the south to 200th Street in the north. If you can’t organize a trip to some of the best hikes near Seattle, the trail should satisfy all your exploration needs.

Which Seattle Moving Company Has North Hill Movers?

As the relocation market continues to grow, some Seattle moving companies focus on certain parts of the city, while others have a much broader operating area. If you’re looking for a company that works in the capital and suburbs, you’re in the right place. Seattle Professional Movers provides services in over a hundred locations in the city’s metropolitan area. You can count on our company’s help, whether you’re relocating to a rural place across town or right down the street.

Local Movers in Seattle Can Make Any Relocation Easier

A local mover in Seattle needs to provide all kinds of professional services fitted for a wide range of potential clients. If you require some help with your relocation, take a look at what we have to offer:

  • Packing service – It’s no coincidence that we’ve placed this option first, as every move has to start with packing. You’ll be amazed by how fast our trained professionals can pack anything. If you hire us, you’ll have an opportunity to learn some new things, like how to pack dishes for moving and many other delicate objects.
  • Residential move – Relocation to a new house is one of the most exciting and stressful times in your life. Relying on professionals to handle your move will leave you with a lot more time to finish up the rest of your errands.
  • Commercial relocation – Whether you’re relocating a small business or a large company, these moves need to be quick and well-coordinated. We’ll provide you with all the workforce you need so your schedule is not disrupted in the slightest.
  • Apartment move – With the help of the right team, switching apartments is going to be a breeze. Apartment buildings have many obstacles, but fortunately, our team is more than capable of handling them.

Our Movers in North Hill Are Great at Providing Labor Service

Do you need some assistance with moving boxes in Seattle? Even when you’ve already done all the packing and got a truck to transport all your belongings, you can still get a labor-only service. Since you’ve already done most of the work, allow our Seattle movers to help you with the heavy lifting part at least. Our guys will load and unload the truck, ensuring nothing gets damaged in the process.

The Company Also Offers in-and Out-of Storage Moving Services in Seattle

If you’ve moved to a place that can’t fit all your belongings, our in-and out-of storage service is just what you need. You can arrange for our guys to pick up the unnecessary items, after which they’ll transport them to your storage. They can also take something out of the unit and deliver it to a specified location. Unfortunately, if you have any items movers won’t move, which includes anything dangerous or uninsurable, you’ll need to deal with it yourself.

Request a Free Quote From One of the Best Local Moving Companies in Seattle WA

Besides providing various excellent services, we probably have the best cheap movers in Seattle. If you’re interested in hiring our company, you can learn more about our fees by requesting a free quote. If you contact us through our website or by phone, we can start planning your move straight away. After your relocation has been completed, please leave a review if you were satisfied with our service.

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