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North Bend Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

North Bend is a town in King County, Washington with a population of 6,830.  The median home value in North Bend is $489,800, while median rent is around $1,300. North Bend is comprised of numerous unique neighborhoods, each offering something different but maintaining the same, sparse suburban feel North Bend offers. The Forest Service, known as the Mount Si neighborhood is a mixed residential and commercial neighborhood located southeast of downtown. This neighborhood contains significant unoccupied and undeveloped areas which are envisioned for the development of North Bend Way.

This neighborhood will see a demand for businesses in the future, and will serve both the recreationalists and local clientele, and serving as a future neighborhood center. The Forster Woods neighborhood is a residential neighborhood located southwest of downtown and contains the Forster Woods, both single-family and multi-family homes, with some additional available residential and commercial land. The Maloney Grove neighborhood is a residential neighborhood which is located southeast of downtown and directly west of the Opstad neighborhood. This neighborhood contains lower density single-family residences. The development of the trails in this neighborhood will offer easy and safe access to pedestrians and bikers to the other areas of the city.

The Meadowbrook, also known as the Tollgate neighborhood is primarily considered to preserve the Meadowbrook and Tollgate Farms, and is designated as an urban area that separates the city. Both Meadowbrook Farm and Tollgate Farm feature a public park and open space areas which are intended to preserve the scenic, historic, and cultural heritage of the city. The neighborhood contains a mix of density of residential housing and lower-density commercial uses.

The Opstad neighborhood is a residential neighborhood located southeast of downtown and south of the Mount Si neighborhood. Opstad contains lower density single-family homes and the Opstad Elementary School. The Downtown Neighborhood is comprised of the historic commercial downtown and a mix of commercial and residential housing.

Other than the biggest neighborhoods of North Bend that were previously mentioned, the North Bend also boasts a few more, including: South Fork, Si View, Tanner, Silver Creek, The Middle Fork, The Riverbend, Edgewick, and South Fork. North Bend’s abundant parks and trails offer the residents of this town numerous opportunities for enjoying team sports, hiking, fishing, bicycling, climbing, river sports, wildlife observation and scenic views, and everything you could possibly need is a short walk or bike ride from your front door.

If you’re searching for some dining options, North Bend offers a wide selection of excellent eateries. Visit the North Bend Bar and Grill for some amazing food paired with great beverages. Experience remarkable authentic Thai food at the family-owned Chang Thai Cuisine.

And for the art lovers, North Bend is a small town that offers a bustling visual and performing arts scene. In Downtown North Bend, you will find live music, performing arts, and world-class local artists.


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