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Monroe Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Monroe is a suburb of Seattle with a population of 18,503. The median home value in the neighborhood of Monroe is $317,100, while median rent is currently around $1,309 per month. Monroe is considered to be a small town that sits perfectly along the Washington Cascade Loop, offering this neighborhood a myriad of breathtaking views and beautiful scenery. In addition, the neighborhood of Monroe has a lot more to offer than just beauty, and around town, you can easily find unique amenities and quite a few things to do. For example, visit The Evergreen State Fair, which is held every year, during the second half of August and into September. The largest county fair in Washington, held right in the heart of the neighborhood of Monroe, features every attraction you can imagine, including carnival rides, amazing eating options, and plenty of contests that you can enter. In addition, it also includes a rodeo, exhilarating car races, animal races, a logging show and a large petting zoo. Just off the US-2, you will stumble upon the Reptile Zoo, a place where both kids and adults can view the largest collection of reptiles in the Pacific Northwest, including the star of the show, Baskar, the albino alligator. In addition to the wide variety of snakes, turtles, and other reptiles, the Monroe Reptile Zoo offers its visitors the unique opportunity to come face to face with certain animals in designated areas.

When it’s not busy with taking part in the never-ending Evergreen State Fair activities, the Evergreen Speedway is a NASCAR track that features races throughout the whole year. Every Saturday, you can catch a race going on, including local, national and even drift races, along with demolition derbies. If you’re in the mood for stopping somewhere for a drink, the Dreadnought Brewery is a local brewery dedicated to creating amazing craft bears for both locals and visitors to enjoy. In addition, Dreadnought also offers beer tastings regularly and quality food options to anyone who decides to stop by. And if you’re into something on the fancier side, Paula’s Wine Knot Beer and Wine Bar is a uniquely popular late-night gathering spot. Here visitors can enjoy a variety of beers and wines along with an even wider variety of bands, comedians, and other performers. Monroe might be smaller than the average city in Washington, but there’s plenty of things to do and see around time for people of all ages. If the small-town charm Monroe provides its residents, paired with unique amenities and activities around town, is something that interests you, you’re definitely not wrong. Monroe is one of the best family-friendly communities and is quite fun while still boasting some of the best views in the Pacific Northwest. It would be a shame to miss out on the unique lifestyle this beautiful neighborhood could provide you.


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