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Medina is a very small city located in the state of Washington. With a population of 3,295 people and just one neighborhood, Medina is the 157th largest community in Washington. The median home value in Medina is $2,000,000, while median rent is $2,750 per month. Medina is considered to be mainly a white-collar city, with most of the residents employed in white-collar jobs, and the majority of the residents are employed managers, sales, and office workers, or have careers in computer science and math. In addition, Medina’s residents consider themselves to be “urban sophisticates” that are not only wealthy and employed in professional occupations, but are also highly educated. They also have urban tastes, support bookstores, high-end boutiques and clothing stores, enjoy luxury travel and consider themselves to art enthusiasts that support opera, theatre, ballet and symphony. Medina is also a great choice as a neighborhood to reside in for families with children, for multiple reasons. The community of Medina is mostly made up of other young families and children, making it a neighborhood where young families can easily develop close relationships with other families. The city also has an amazing public-school district, and most people own their single-family homes, providing an abundance of areas for children to play and overall stability in the community. In addition, the crime rate in Medina is much lower than the national average.

Another amazing perk of living in Medina is the easy access and closeness it provides to Bellevue and Seattle. It’s an amazing neighborhood for wealthy people who want to live in the suburbs but need easy access to the city. Medina is considered to be one of the best places to live in Washington, due to its amazing, high-quality local amenities, excellent hospitals and police department, and if you need an exciting shopping experience, the City of Bellevue is only minutes away. Overall, Medina provides a safe, nurturing environment for young families, while still taking advantage of all the benefits of living near two large cities. Not only is Medina safe and education-oriented, but it is also known for its beauty. Since Medina Is a wealthy area, the homes are magnificent and the city is heavily lined with trees and gorgeous landscaping. There is an abundance of parks and outdoor areas, including some beaches, and numerous parts of Medina have stunning, scenic views of Lake Washington and its surrounding landscape. The only issue with the life in Medina is the high cost of living, making it difficult for those with an average income to live in this neighborhood. However, if you can afford the upscale life of this community, you’ll definitely receive the most for your money. Life in Medina is comfortable, safe and exciting at the same time, and the neighborhood is rapidly growing, and so is the cost of life with it. If you’re looking for the best of the suburban life, paired with the best of the city life just a couple of minutes away, Medina should be your first choice.


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