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We can help make searching for the right local Maple Valley movers easy. In fact, maybe you can stop searching because we are the finest Seattle moving company that operates in the lovely small community. Let us tell you why and we can also give you some information about the place, as we’ve got to know it pretty well over these past 20 years.

Welcome to Maple Valley, WA

Maple Valley is a town in King County, WA. It counts around 27,000 residents, and it has served as a commuter town for the most part. However, it’s slowly growing, so there are things to do and places to work for in the town, as well.

Cost of Living in Maple Valley, WA

Let’s first take a look at how much it would cost to live here. The overall cost of living index is 141.8 per BestPlaces, which means that the cost of living here is higher than the national and state average. If you are thinking of buying a property here, you would want to know that the median home value for the area is around $460,000. If you are renting, you should know your Seattle renters’ rights and expect to pay around $2,000 for a one-bedroom apartment around here. But you will be living in one of the greatest places to live in the state.

One of the Best Places to Raise a Family in Washington

This place is perfect for settling down and raising a family. It is a small town with a suburban feel and slow-paced lifestyle, but it has many amenities of a city. The Tahoma School District, which is one of the best school districts in the Seattle area, and the schools here are well-equipped and have teachers who go the extra mile for their students. The town is extremely safe and a true haven for families. If you are moving with pets, yours will be amused at the abundance of space to roam around free and unleashed.

What Is There to Do in This Town?

This is a place that offers many recreational activities, and people living here enjoy the outdoors and put a huge emphasis on sports. Lake Wilderness Park is the go-to place for families looking for an active day outside, especially in spring and summer. This coastal park offers beautiful natural scenery and lots of activities – there’s even a golf course there. Softball, basketball, softball, tennis, you name it – they’ve got it here. If you are a shopaholic, you will enjoy looking around many cute boutiques, and after a day of shopping, you will have plenty of options to eat out around here. And the city of Seattle is just a half-an-hour drive away.


We Are Seattle Professional Movers, a Mover in Seattle That Covers a Wider Range of Areas in Washington

Once you start making your moving to-do list, you will find that the first item on the list is finding a reliable mover. You will also want to find one that doesn’t burn through your savings and goes easy on your moving expenses checklist. We are Seattle Professional Movers, and we are both reliable and affordable. And we don’t only offer moving services in Seattle – we cover a wide area in Washington state, yours as well. Count on us if you want to get rid of the moving stress so you can better plan your moving-away party.

Our Local Maple Valley Movers Will Make Moving Seem Easy

Our local crew is there to make it all easy for you. They know how to pack dishes for moving and how to load them in the truck, and they will advise you on the items movers won’t move and the most commonly forgotten things to pack so you are well prepared. But, most importantly, they know all the moving hacks and will make sure all your items are properly and timely transported where you want them and how you want them. They will respect you and your belongings.

Our Local Movers in Maple Valley Offer the Best Moving and Storage Services

We stand out when it comes to the quality of the services we provide to our customers, as the reviews will show. Whether it’s the packing service you need as you don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how to pack glasses for moving, or you’ve rented a truck and require manual labor – we’ve got you covered.

  • Packing service – We are here to answer the question of how to pack books for moving instead of you. Our team of professional packers will handle your packing before you finish your beer from some of the Seattle breweries.
  • Residential moving service – We are both reliable and cheap movers in Seattle with a long tradition of relocating people. If you are relocating locally, count on us to help.
  • Labor service – If you rent a truck and drive it to your new place, you will surely need a skilled team to help unload the truck. That’s what we have and will send over if you request it.
  • In-and-out-of storage service – Our company is here for you if you need your stuff moved to a storage location or from a storage location of your choice.

Our Reviews Will Show Why We Beat Other Moving Companies in Seattle and Beyond

Online reviews of companies are a good tool to use when selecting the right company. Reviews of our company go way back, and they will tell you a story about local movers in Seattle that have made it to the top in this industry and remained there for almost a quarter of a century. So, compare the reviews of multiple companies to help yourself choose and discover why we are the right company for you.

Get a Quick Quote and See How You Like It

Our company will offer all those interested in the cost of our services a free quote which serves as a trustworthy estimate of the cost to help them decide. You can get your free quote easily – just ask for it on our website or contact us on the phone. If your quote is ok with you, call us and book your slot with Seattle Professional Movers.

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