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Madison Park Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Madison Park is a neighborhood lying on the shores of Lake Washington with a population of 4,102. The median home value is $1,308,200, while median rent is $1,837 per month. It is considered to be part of the Central District of Seattle, and it is bordered on the east by the lake, on the south at the intersection of Lake Washington Boulevard and 39th Avenue East, on the west by the Boulevard and on the north at Union Bay.

If you stroll along the Madison Street all the way from downtown Seattle, you’ll eventually stumble upon Lake Washington, and the grassy natural slopes of Madison Park that leads down to the water. The neighborhood and the park share a name and a calm, tranquil atmosphere, and is greatly appreciated by young families and couples of all ages. Across the beautiful lake, you can catch a glimpse of Bellevue, but the Seattle skyline to the west is covered by hills and lush trees. The residential streets that curve and split off at the main road, Madison Street, are quiet and lined with beautiful cottages and spectacular mansions. The area around the park is scattered with numerous boutiques, family-friendly shops and bistros.

At the west end of the neighborhood of Madison Park, where Madison Street meets the Lake Washington Boulevard, which is also the entrance to the Washington Park Arboretum, you can find an abundance of shops, cute bakeries and amazing restaurants, including Nishino, a destination for sushi lovers, and just a bit further up the hill, in the Madison Valley neighborhood which is adjacent to Madison Park, you will find even more shopping opportunities. The area features an impressive array of apparel, home and gift stores, including Canopy Blue and Guesthouse, that have earned the title of the Best Shops in Seattle. The residents of Madison Park love grabbing a bite at The Chef in the Hat and Thierry Rautureau, and other dining options in the area that are equally as unique and talked about are Café Flora, a vegan hotspot right on E Madison Street. Not only is Madison Park great neighborhoods in which to live, but most of the businesses here offer excellent dining, shopping, and services. It’s a wonderful community for residence, recreation, and doing business.

Madison Park is most appreciated by the visitors in the summer, who love to lay out by the water, and meanwhile, residents still get to enjoy and appreciate a tranquil but active, tight-knit community all year-round. It feels like the perfect getaway from downtown, but you can rest assured that you’ll never feel isolated from the big city bustle in the neighborhood of Madison Park. The neighborhood boasts some beautiful parks and green, grassy spaces, in addition to being home to some of the best schools in Seattle, as well as libraries, learning and community centers and more.


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