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Latona – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Latona is a suburban neighborhood located in Tukwila, King County, Washington. The neighborhood of Latona is comprised of mostly single-family homes, and also boasts a major trucking route and a lake that is linked to it. The neighborhood is conveniently located between the Sea-Tac International Airport to the south, and the Boeing Field to the north. The real estate market in the neighborhood of Larona has been heavily influenced by the rapid growth of the community in the recent years, attracting newcomers with its convenient location and easy access to the city, while still maintaining the peaceful suburban feel it uniquely offers its residents. The median home value has ranged from $150,000 to $350,000 over the last couple of years, while median rent is currently around $1,500 per month. This makes Latona one of the more affordable suburbs that have easy access to the heart of Seattle and its numerous attractions. In Latona, there is a larger number of residents who own their homes, than those who rent them, and Latona is considered to be the neighborhood with the smallest percentage of renters in the city of Tukwila. Latona is also part of the Tukwila School district, that is well known by its diversity. When it comes to natural and recreation options around Latona, the surrounding area offer an abundance of outdoor activities and scenic views accompanied by the tight-knit community feel that mostly focuses on community activism and systematic approach to solving issues. Not far from the neighborhood of Latona, you will find the Duwamish River, that also features a 19-mile Green River Trail that offers a great opportunity for a day spent hiking, jogging, or relaxing stroll with your family and friends. The residents of Latona can also visit the Allentown grocery, located 5 minutes away from Latona in its neighboring suburb of Allentown, and find a wide range of unique items aside from the usual knick-knacks you would find around town. Most residents love spending their days on the river, spotting numerous types of wildlife, and strolling around town where you can often spot an abundance of mid-century homes, in addition to the modern, clean cut homes.

Latona can offer you a unique experience filled with fun, excitement, a vast number of amenities and more things to do than you could possibly imagine. From diverse events hosted by the river and around town as well, to the numerous parks, green spaces and recreation opportunities that include water-based activities on the river, everyone could understand perfectly why the neighborhood of Latona is growing recently. Also being surrounded with numerous successful businesses that constantly offer job opportunities, it is considered to be one of the best suburbs of the surrounding Seattle area, and one of the most affordable ones as well. The residents of Latona don’t wish to leave their neighborhood, along with the perfect mix of the numerous activities, unique experiences and its tranquil appeal that is attracting newcomers every day.


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