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  • 1 bedroom
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  • Medium storage (10x10, 10x15)
  • Large storage (10x20)

If you are on a hunt for a peaceful and well-maintained little town in Washington but you don’t want to be cut-off from The Emerald City – discover Hollywood Hill. If you end up with a wish to relocate here, you will need local Hollywood Hill movers. People say we have a better team than other Seattle moving companies that work in the area, so stay tuned to find out more about the community you’re about to call home and our services.

Welcome to Hollywood Hill

Hollywood Hill is an upscale, well-maintained, suburban neighborhood in Woodinville, Washington. The area mostly consists of beautiful and even luxurious single-family homes. Just short of 5,000 people are lucky enough to call it home. If you are keen on joining them, keep reading.

Cost of Living in Hollywood Hill, Woodinville, Washington

One of the key things to examine before choosing a neighborhood to settle in is the cost of living. This is a wealthy area, and the real estate market is mostly made up of well-kept, spacious homes. The median home value around here is approximately $820,000, which is significantly more than the Washington state average. If your choice is to rent, you should get familiar with Seattle renters’ rights. Renters should expect to spend about $2,150 on rent each month. But the quality of life is also exceptional, and if you move in here, you will be living in one of the best suburbs of Seattle.

A Picture-Perfect Family Paradise Surrounded by Lush Nature

While it may not be one of the affordable Seattle suburbs, it is one of the most desirable ones. The reason for this is the high quality of life it offers. Here, you will be living in a beautiful home, you’ll have a spacious yard, and you will live surrounded by stunning nature and scenic views, that’s something you can hardly find in the city. It’s a safe place where crime is almost non-existent, and schools are highly-rated. Here, you can take some of the best hikes near Seattle, marvel at the beautiful views and sunsets. Even your pet is going to love it here if you are moving with pets.

Things to Do and Nearby Cities to Visit

Your new charming neighborhood has a winery of its own – the Patterson Cellars. This winery offers wine sourced from the finest vineyards in Washington state. It doesn’t have many more amenities, but other cities are really close and offer plenty to see and do. Woodinville, for example, has more wineries, a farmers’ market, shopping opportunities, and more, and it’s just minutes away. Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Bother, and Lynwood are pretty close as well, and the city of Seattle is a 45-minute drive away. You will find anything you need and then some in the cities around you from your lovely base in Hollywood Hill.


Seattle Professional Movers Is a Mover in Seattle That Has Been Serving Its Neighboring Areas for a Long Time

Believe it or not, there is a way out of the chaos and moving stress you must be feeling now. It’s by starting with your moving to-do list early on and choosing the right Seattle moving company to rely on. We’ve served your area for a long time, and we have a lot of experience and knowledge to ensure an easy transition into a new home. We will also go easy on your budget, so you won’t have to worry about your moving expenses checklist blowing up. We go the distance for every one of our customers, and we will go the distance for you, too, should you decide to use our services.

Our Seattle Moving Company Has the Finest Local Hollywood Hill Movers

Our company has local Seattle movers in Hollywood Hill, so don’t wait too long to contact them and schedule your move. They know all the moving hacks, and they will make sure your relocation goes smoothly. We have a list of items movers won’t move, but other than that – there isn’t a relocation task there we are not up to. Not sure what the most commonly forgotten things to pack are? No problem, our team will fill you in so you can devote your time and energy to your moving-away party.

Our Moving Company Has Professional Local Movers Who Can Help You With Any Moving Service

Whether it’s packing you need because you can’t figure out how to pack dishes for moving or you need someone to pick up your things out of storage and deliver them to your new address – Seattle Professional Movers are here for you. We have different services available, and we will describe them to you briefly to make sure you choose the right one.

  • Packing service – Don’t know how to pack glasses for moving? Give us a call, and our skilled crew will deal with your packing. They will have you packed properly, so everything from your inventory lists arrives at your desired destination in one piece.
  • Residential moving service – Contact us if you need your belongings transported into a new home. We will make sure all items arrive intact and on time, no matter how long your household inventory list is.
  • Labor-only service – In case you have a truck or decide to rent one, contact us if you need skilled workers to carry the heavy objects out of your truck without destroying them in the process. You will need someone who knows how to do it properly, not to damage your property, and make sure no one gets hurt.
  • In-and out-of storage service – Whatever the distance between your storage unit and your home and whatever the size of the load – we can handle it efficiently and in a timely manner. Alternatively, you may consider choosing an organization to donate furniture in Seattle and maybe avoid having to rent a storage space.

We Go the Distance for Every Customer, Read Our Reviews to See What They Have to Say

We like it when our customers write reviews where they describe their experience with our services and point out what we can do better or tell us what they like that we do. Those reviews are beneficial to us as a company, but the reviews are also beneficial to you as a customer. So, take the time to read the reviews and gain useful information about many moving companies in Seattle. You will also learn why we are the best and what you stand to gain by booking your services.

We Will Provide You With a Free Quote

Did you know that you can get a free quote easily by simply contacting us? The free quote you receive will be the estimate of any of the services you choose, and the final bill won’t be much different than the first quote. Take advantage of our quote system, see how you like yours, and call us when you are ready to move with Seattle Professional Movers.

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