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Hobart Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Hobart is a suburb of King County, Seattle with a population of 7,182. The median home value in the neighborhood of Hobart is $477,000, while median rent is $1,326 per month. This rural suburban neighborhood of Seattle offers its residents exquisite outdoor options to spend their days, as well as many unique amenities scattered around town. If you’re interested in what there is to do in Hobart, worry no more. Lake Wilderness Park is the top pick of the community of Hobart to spend a beautiful sunny day in. It features a modern playground, scenic beach and even a swimming area.

Here you will easily find more than enough green space for your children to play, have a picnic, or go hiking and biking on the Lake Wilderness Park’s popular natural trails. The park also features a beautiful botanical garden, and spaces that are completed with slides, swings, and jungle gyms that will keep your children busy. The Landsburg Reach Natural area boasts 24-acrs of grassy space, and is linked with the King County Cedar River Regional Trail and the City of Seattle’s Cedar River Pipeline Road, both well-known and popular trails in the community. The Big Bend extends for almost 100 acres, and is also linked to the previously mentioned trails, ensuring no shortage of space required for your jogging, biking and hiking adventures.

After spending the day outdoors with your family and friends, you’re probably wondering where you can grab a bite in the area. Luckily, if you’re looking for a quick, fast-food option in the area, you can find an abundance of options that have both fast and friendly customer service. And if your looking for a restaurant, Hobart can offer you lots of unique options, from American foods, to Italian, Thai, Japanese and Chinese. Most dining options in Hobart are locally owned, and are known for their amazing customer service. If a rural suburb and tight-knit community are something you’re interested in, then Hobart would be a no brainer for you. Scenic views and acres upon acres of parks and green spaces, paired with unique amenities and things to do, make the perfect combination for anyone that wants to settle down in the retreat-like neighborhood of Hobart. In Hobart, you will find amazing schools that rank highly in the country, a nonexistent crime rate, friendly neighbors and numerous local, family owned businesses that tie the community together. In conclusion, Hobart is an amazing family-friendly community with affordable housing, unique appeal and generally speaking, an amazing neighborhood to raise you family in.


We are here to help you moving

If you’re planning a move in the Hobart area, Seattle Professional Movers can offer you the best moving help around. From the moment you hire us for your move, we tirelessly work to develop the perfect plan and strategy for your particular move. Not only do we offer a wide range of moving services, but we also customize them according to our customer’s moving needs and wishes. Not only are we the best movers in the Hobart area, but we also offer our customers affordable, competitive rates while never compromising the quality of our services. Once our team of professional movers arrive at your location, there will be nothing else to worry about. Our moving crews are professional movers and packers with years of experience, that are specifically trained to provide our customers only the best, first-class moving services in the industry. Give us a call today and find out why we are Hobart’s favorite moving company, or request a free moving quote on our website and we can start planning your transition today.

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