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Highline is an urban neighborhood located in Burien, Washington. The median home value in the Highline neighborhood is $351,100, while median rent is $1,200. The real estate in the Highline neighborhood is mostly made up of small to medium sized apartment complexes, and one of the unique traits about this neighborhood is that it has a higher proportion of apartment complexes and high-rise apartments than almost every neighborhood in the country. Most of the residential housing is renter occupied, and it is almost entirely dominated by big apartment buildings and complexes. Most of the residences in the neighborhood of Highline were built between 1970 and 1999. Thanks to the several outposts of the most popular spots in Seattle, downtown Burien is on the rise. Most people would think that neighborhoods that are located near major metropolitan airports, come with a noisy and hectic life. However, Highline is considered to be a relatively affordable suburb just south of Seattle and west of the Sea-Tac International Airport, that also avoids the downsides of being in close proximity to the airport itself. Highline also offers its residents and visitors remarkable access to Puget Sound, the beautiful, wooden trails of Seahurst Park and the snow-capped Mt. Rainier, making this urban community grow rapidly. Highline boasts a vast number of amenities, and if you’re looking for something in particular, you can surely find anything your heart desires just couple of minutes away. Bakery Nouveau is a multifaceted bakery that now exists in three locations, and consistently tops the charts among the West Coast’s favorites. Here you can try their most popular sweets, and even savory lunch options such as croque-monsieurs and stromboli. You also have the unique opportunity to watch the chocolate being stirred mechanically through a glass panel, giving this bakery a unique Willy Wonka-like vibe. If you are looking for a day full of outdoor activities and fun in the sun, you should visit Angle Lake Park. This beautiful park offers visitors a place to boat, fish, and swim. There is a playground and plenty of green space for your family and friends to run around and play on, and you’ll find barbeques and picnic tables as well. If you consider yourself the type to enjoy activities on the water or going fishing, check out Van Doren’s Landing Park. This park is just five miles from Highline, and it offers a boat ramp for easy access to the river. But if you prefer to stay on dry land, here you will find an abundance of picnic tables, barbecues, a playground, and lots of room to run around in the afternoon. You can also bring your bike and enjoy the numerous trails in Van Doren’s Landing Park.


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Highline is finally getting its recognition in the past years, due to the rapid growth of the community and area in general. Affordable housing, close proximity to downtown Seattle and the numerous amenities make Highline one of the best neighborhoods to live in Seattle. If you’re interested in starting a new chapter of your life in Highline, you’re going to need the right team of movers to handle your relocation. Seattle Professional Movers offers the residents of the Highline area professional packing and unpacking assistance, apartment moving, commercial moving and more. Our main goal is to get you and your belongings from point A to point B safely and seamlessly. We can take the weigh off your shoulders (literally) and make your move an exciting beginning for you, as it should be. Just give us a call and fill us on your moving needs, or request a free moving quote online and we will gladly take it from there.

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