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Haller Lake – Local and long distance moving companies

Haller Lake is an urban neighborhood located in Seattle, Washington with a population of 8,203. The median home value in Haller lake is $451,003, while median rent is around $1,462 per month. This particular neighborhood in Seattle, Haller Lake, has some outstanding things about the way it looks and its way of life that are worth highlighting. The homes in the neighborhood of Haller Lake are primarily made up of small, studio to two-bedroom apartments to medium sized, three-bedroom single-family homes and apartment complexes. Most of the homes you will find in the neighborhood of Lake Haller are traditional, and relatively older, being built between 1940 and 1969. If you walk around the lake that provided this neighborhood its name, and gave it the special feel of the private tiny waterfront and surrounding area, it can be hard to believe you’re in a city of nearly 700,000 people.

Haller Lake is considered to be a “late bloomer” among its neighboring suburbs, since no one actually settled in Haller Lake until the mid-1900s, and with the many other neighborhoods closer to downtown, there was no reason to. Residents of the community have resisted expansion and population growth for a long time, due to their love of the tight-knit community feel and their dislike for traffic. The atmosphere in Haller Lake differs quite a lot, depending on where you are in the neighborhood. Along its western and southern edges, you can easily find the business districts featuring restaurants, shops, and grocery stores. As you get closer the center, the activity fades and the quiet residential streets take over. Physically active individuals will adore the quite pedestrian-friendly character of this area, where most daily needs are easily carried out by walking. In contrast, this area is an extremely convenient part of Seattle for getting around by car. It is a short drive to the nearest highway, such as Interstate 5, from anywhere in this neighborhood, and it is very easy to find a parking spot wherever you go. For recreation you can go swimming or boating in the lake which gives off a ‘secret garden’ feel, the water has amazing quality from being protected from wind and watercraft, and its small shore is perfect for a picnic or simply sunbathing during the summer. Haller Lake also offers the only curling facility in the area. Go for a jog, hiking or biking on the trails of North Acres Park, which is also perfect for letting taking dog out for some off-leash time on the natural trails, or bringing the kids for some splashing pool action. Locals will mostly appreciate the proximity to primary as well as high schools, which are within walking distance from most properties in this area.


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If you’re interested in becoming a part of the exciting neighborhood of Haller Lake, you’re definitely in for a relaxing day-to-day featuring many walks to the park and around the whole neighborhood. Instead of moving by yourself, lean on Seattle Professional Movers and our wide array of specialty moving services, that we often tailor to suit our customers moving needs and wishes. Whether you’re moving from Haller Lake, or to, we can take away the stress moving often brings and provide you with an exciting, high-class moving experience, at an affordable rate. For years, we’ve proven to be one of Haller Lake’s favorite local moving companies, and we’d love to become yours as well. Our team of professional movers with years of experience in the moving industry, is ready to provide you with the best affordable local moving service in the area. Simply give us a call, or request a free moving quote on our website, and we will plan the rest.

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