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Fryelands is a suburban neighborhood located in Monroe, Washington with a population of 7,973. Fryelands median home value is $382,356, while median rent is $2,708 per month. Most neighborhoods are composed of a blend of different ages of homes, but the Fryelands neighborhood stands out as interestingly unique, by having almost all of its residential real estate constructed in one time period, specifically between 1970 and 1999. What you’ll realize when you look around or drive the streets of this neighborhood is that many of the homes look the same because of this similarity in age. In addition, if you’re looking for an amazing spot to raise a family, then look no further than the neighborhood of Fryelands. The ideal combination of good quality public schools, above-average safety from crime, and a high rate of home ownership in predominantly single-family homes, help make this neighborhood one of the top neighborhoods to raise a family across the state of Washington. Furthermore, there is a high number of other families with school-aged children living here, making it easy for parents and their children to socialize and develop a sense of community support.  Frylands and its surrounding areas present a beautiful mix of the past and present. Fryelands stands out for its beauty of its mountains, scenic rivers and hemlock forests, and many brilliant parks and trails full of natural beauty. There is also a great number of things to do here. Lake Tye Park is a 64-acre community park which hosts numerous spectacular community events during the year. Situated along Fryelands Blvd at the west end of the neighborhood, the lake claims a 42-acre recreational lake loved by a wide range of water enthusiasts. Walkers, runners and bicyclists frequently enjoy remarkable views along the 1.63-mile loop trail around Lake Tye which is also connected to other community trails. The lake features a beach, picnic shelters that can be reserved for parties, tennis, pickleball and basketball courts, softball and baseball fields, a full-sized soccer and lacrosse field, and a children’s play area. Visit the interesting Reptile Zoo, where you will get a very unique opportunity to get close to exotic reptiles from all around the world. The Reptile Zoo offers the most diverse collection of reptiles on display that you can find in the Pacific Northwest, including turtles, alligators, lizards and numerous types of snakes including some interesting, venomous types such as cobras and rattlesnakes. About six miles east of Fryelands, Monroe, you’ll see a miniature chapel that welcomes any travelers on the highway to stop and take a little break. The charming chapel was constructed in October 1962, when Seattle was hosting the World’s Fair. It underwent some surface changes, but remains pretty much the same as it did then.
If you’re looking for an almost rural, suburban feel in a quiet neighborhood with easy access to the big city of Seattle, Fryelands is one of the top picks for young families. With good quality public schools and a very low crime rate, Frylands sounds like an oasis.


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