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Feriton – Local and long distance moving companies

Feriton is an urban neighborhood located in Kirkland, Washington. Feriton ranks among the most expensive neighborhoods in Washington, with a median home value at $947,858, while median the median rent sits at $2,710 per month. Feriton real estate is primarily made up of small to medium sized high-rise apartments, and a smaller number of single-family homes. Most of the residences in the Feriton neighborhood were built between 2000 and the present. If you like to read, write, and learn, and if you are curious about the world, this neighborhood may be a good fit for you. Almost 75% of the adults living in the neighborhood of Feriton have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, if you’re an arts enthusiast and enjoy regular visits to the theatre, weekend shopping sprees, or even a finely aged wine with dinner, then you’re in good company with the residents of the Feriton neighborhood. This neighborhood is uniquely occupied with more “urban sophisticates” than almost every other neighborhood across the country. The residents of Feriton really stand out as a class among their own. Feriton represents an exclusive community that stands out for its residents that have refined tastes, cultural inclinations, and the ambition to live well. The urban sophisticates of Feriton prefer to live the big city lifestyle. If this lifestyle relates to you, then you’ll certainly feel right at home in Feriton. In addition to being an excellent choice for urban socialites, this neighborhood is also a very good choice for highly educated executives. However, even the biggest fans of the city hustle and bustle love getting away from it all from time to time – and even though Feriton is a small, upscale neighborhood, the amenities, activities and natural appeal that Kirkland offers is endless, and everything is only a few minutes away. Enjoy the nature in Marina Park, the 3.5 acres worth of scenic views and the neighborhood culture. Here you can fish, bike, or take a stroll and browse the sculptures and popular monuments that make up the numerous points of interest.  Visit Juanita Bay Park, a beautiful 110-acre natural preserve in the middle of Kirkland’s urban area. Get away from the bustle of the city for a relaxing, peaceful walk or jog along the park’s 3,000 feet worth of trails and walkways. Relax on the grass with a picnic lunch and take in the views of the beautiful wetlands, which are packed with a variety of different birds, turtles, beavers, and other wildlife. Popular wining and dining spots in Kirkland include The Grape Choice wine bar, the Cactus Restaurant, Mediterranean Kitchen, Lynn’s Bistro, and Wilde Rover. There are also more popular areas to explore, therefore, your options are infinite in Feriton, the heart of Kirkland. If you’re dreaming of the perfect, upscale city life, Feriton should be on the top of your list. Not only does it provide its residents with the urban, high-end lifestyle feel, but also offers spaces you can visit when it gets hectic.


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