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Elliott Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Elliott is a small, rural neighborhood in Renton, Washington. Elliott has a population of 1092. The median home value in Elliott is $350,000, while median rent is $1,200. The lifestyle in Elliott is one where people can live, work, and plant their roots in a safe, inexpensive, and enjoyable environment. Elliott has quality educational and job opportunities not too far away, and by being part of one of the most diverse cities, Renton, you surely won’t ever get bored. Renton is quite calm during the day, but is very dynamic at night. Renton hardly has any crimes, and there are numerous schools and parks conveniently located near population centers, a lot of apartment complexes and beautiful neighborhoods. At night, the happenings available are infinite – there is the 8-Bit Arcade, exciting jazz clubs, and unique restaurants all around. The neighborhood is very diverse and the demographics are evenly mixed. With affordable housing, an abundance of business opportunities and recreation suitable for all ages and abilities, living in a suburb of the beautiful Renton – while still being in a tight-knit community such as Elliott, is the definitive picture-perfect neighborhood for settling down. Living in Elliott, you can easily unleash your inner golfer, as Elliot is situated between two major golf courses, the Maplewood Golf Course and the Fairwood Golf & Country Club. Maplewood Golf Course is a public facility that was voted “Best Public Golf Course” four years in a row, and boasts one of the most beautiful green spaces in the Puget Sound area. With tree-lined trails, ponds, creeks, and a friendly staff, the Maplewood Golf Course is well maintained, walkable and fun to play during the whole year. The Fairwood Golf & Country Club is an 18-hole golf course. Food and drink options at Fairwood consist of numerous spaces for dining. The Club’s menu is locally influenced and therefore incorporates mostly local and healthy cuisine options, as well as many traditional favorites. If you’re interested in the scenic parks near Elliott, you should visit the 44-acre Cavanaugh Pond Natural Area, which is located just east of Elliott on the Cedar River. At Cavanaugh Pond you can take long walks and jogs, and observe the beautiful nature surrounding the water. Go out for a picnic with your family, or go birdwatching instead. The opportunities are endless. Immediately east of the previously mentioned Maplewood Golf Course, you will find Ron Regis Park, a beautiful green space that covers 45 acres of land and is located along the Maple Valley Highway. You can visit Ron Regis Park for various outdoor activities, including fishing, hiking and other water-based activities.

Renton is an amazing place to live, but living in one of the smallest suburbs in which you’re basically in Renton – but away from the noise and crowds, might sound more appealing. Elliott can offer you just that. One of the safest neighborhoods in the area, boasts many beautiful, scenic, green spaces perfect for taking your family and friends for a picnic or relaxing day in the sun. Here, you’ll probably find much more for your moneys worth than you would in downtown Redmond.


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If you’re planning a fresh new start in your life and are thinking about moving to Elliott, Seattle Professional Movers can help you transition into this scenic, rural suburb with ease. You don’t need to risk any moving injuries or potential damage to your items when moving by yourself, as Seattle Professional Movers will avoid any bumps in the road in order to provide you with a pleasant moving experience. Our wide array of services are available to our customers every single day of the week, and our trained professional movers with years of experience in the moving industry are more than ready to provide you with the best, affordable moving services in the Elliott area. Request a free moving quote on our website or give us a quick call and we will take it from there.

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