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Dunlap – Local and long distance moving companies

Dunlap is an urban neighborhood located in Seattle, Washington. The median home value in Dunlap is $476,741, while the average price is currently around $2.000. The residential area of Dunlap is mostly made up of small to medium sized single-family homes and apartment complexes. Most of the residential real estate is occupied by a combination of owners and renters. Most of the homes in the neighborhood of Dunlap are older, built between 1940 and 1969, which gives this neighborhood a unique old-fashioned, historic charm, unlike its neighboring towns. If you’re wondering if there are things to do in Dunlap, worry no more. Pritchard Island Beach is located in the Rainier Beach area where several large cottonwoods flap in the breeze as swimmers head for the raft, where they fly into the air from diving boards of various heights. Others prefer to relax on the beach, admiring the remarkable view of Seward Park to the north, and the legendary Mercer Island to the east. You can find this to be a beautiful, peaceful addition to the Atlantic City beach to the south. Just south of Pritchard Island Beach, you will find Pritchard Wetland, a unique haven of a wide array of native plants and wildlife. Take a walk along the gravel path that starts at the edge, and quickly realize that it extends for over four acres worth of unique, mesmerizing wildlife habitat. You can hear the songs of Chorus frogs in the spring, and run into muskrats and herons in the Pritchard Pond. Every planting that can be found in the Pritchard Wetland is native to the western Washington wetlands. Fawn lilies, Red-osier dogwood and Western red cedar saplings are just one of the many beautiful, unique plants you can discover at the Pritchard Wetland. Another beautiful outdoor space you can find in Dunlap includes the Beer Sheva Park, named after Beer Sheva in Israel, one of Seattle’s International Sister Cities. Just east of Rainier Beach High School, this small lakefront park offers picnic areas, yoga classes, community gatherings and more. Here you can experience the captivating views of Mercer Island and the Cascade Mountains.
Dunlap is one of Seattle’s most underappreciated neighborhoods, and is currently undergoing a period of growth and improvement. The spectacular views you can have from your window in Dunlap, could hardly be experienced from any other neighborhood in this area. Overall, Dunlap is definitely underrated, offering its residents beautiful green spaces, outdoor activities, and even a couple of amenities here and there. This neighborhood is rich in history and diversity and the urban suburban feel it gives off is attracting newcomers every year.


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