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Crossroads – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

The Crossroads area, which was earlier known as “Highlands,” is a neighborhood located in East Bellevue, Washington. Crossroads has a population of 12,912. While the median home value on the Eastside is around $400,000, Crossroads houses tend to run between $300,000 and $400,000, while condos average from $250,000 to $300,000. There are around 5000 residential homes in Crossroads. Of those, 30% are single-family detached homes. The remaining 70% are town houses, apartments and condominiums.

In the 1980s, Microsoft, which is located just north of Crossroads in Redmond, rapidly grew into one of the largest employers in the world. It brought people from all around the world, keen on filing the many new job openings offered by the tech industry. Microsoft’s international employing has quickly enhanced the diversity in the neighborhood. Throughout the 1990s, Crossroads quickly became the second-most densely populated area of Bellevue, just next to downtown. In addition, today the Crossroads neighborhood is often ranked among the most diverse neighborhoods – a neighborhood where more than 50 languages are regularly spoken.

The Crossroads neighborhood today, is one where people walk to do their errands and where the Crossroads Shopping Center has become a popular public square and meeting point for people from different nations and different stages of life.

The Crossroads Shopping Center, just ten minutes from downtown Bellevue, offers a stunning blend of national chains as well as unique shops. The area has been ranked “Best Cross-Cultural Hub”, and is home to Farmer’s Markets, community events, dozens of international food options, many attractions and even weekly live performances. At 500,000 square feet, the famous Crossroads Shopping Center is thought to be on the smaller side for a regional mall, but on the larger side for a neighborhood shopping center This 35-acre park includes a wide selection of amenities, featuring a couple of tennis courts, basketball courts, a horse shoe pit, a skate bowl, picnic areas, and jogging tracks. Crossroads is also home to the community favorite Crossroads Water Spray Playground, a popular community center, the Crossroads Par 3 Golf Course featuring both golf and foot golf, the amazing Bellevue Youth Theatre, and seasonal public gardens. The younger residents’ favorite place to spend the day, the Crossroads Water Spray Playground, features a variety of water-themed landscape and play features such as spitting frogs, spouting orcas and squirting clams, providing fun and excitement for all levels of physical abilities which engage children in water play.

The Crossroads area might just be the most diverse neighborhood in not only Bellevue, but Washington as well. When you take a stroll around town, you’ll probably hear more languages than you can count, and this is what contributes to the uniqueness of this urban suburban neighborhood in Bellevue. If you’re looking for a completely different scenery than you’ve ever encountered before, Crossroads is probably what you’re searching for. This densely populated community will never leave you with nothing to do, and you’ll with you’ve lived here sooner.


We are here to help you moving

If the diversity of the Crossroads area has caught your attention, and you’re planning to relocate there, the first step to a successful move is finding the best movers for the job. Not only do we provide excellent quality moving services, but we offer them at affordable, competitive rates that make moving with Seattle Professional Movers an overall exciting experience. Our moving services include:

-Residential moves

-Commercial moves

-Apartment moves

-Assistance with packing, unpacking, loading and unloading

-In-home or inter-office moves
… and more.

Find out more about our specialty moving services, and why we are Crossroads’ top moving company, by requesting a free moving quote on our website, or giving us a quick call. We can get you home in no time.

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