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Covington – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Covington is a fairly large city located in the state of Washington. Covington is the 58th largest community in Washington, with a population of 21,202 people and five separate neighborhoods. There are a number of reasons why Covington is a very good place for families to consider. With an advantaged combination of good schools, low crime rates, college-educated neighbors who have a tendency to support education because of their own experience, and a high rate of home ownership in mostly single-family properties, Covington really has some of the features that families look for when choosing a good community to raise children in. If you’re searching for a neighborhood that offers a bustling nightlife, it will be far from your cup of tea. But overall, Covington is a desirable, peaceful community, with many things to recommend it as a family-friendly place to live. The education level of Covington citizens is considerably higher than the any other typical neighborhood in the state, as 30% of adults in Covington have at least a bachelor’s degree. The city of Covington is also very ethnically-diverse. The median home value in Covington is $440.000, while the median rent is almost $3.000 per month. Public schools in Covington belong to the Kent School District and the Tahoma School District, and the public schools are considered to be above average. Covington attracts people due to its gorgeous landscaping, and the more popular natural attractions near Covington include Mount Rainier and Green River. Minutes away, in the heart of Kent you can also find Italian and seafood restaurants, a race track, a sports and entertaining arena and a pumpkin patch. Sports enthusiasts will love taking a trip to the ShoWare Center, an entertainment and sports arena that hosts events all year long. It’s large enough to accommodate up the 6,500 people and has welcomed many singers, performers, athletes, and members of the community since its opening in 2009. The ShoWare Center was also the first venue of its kind to earn the gold certificate from Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Pacific Raceways is a race track and motorsports facility, that offers a safe environment for racing. World-famous international drivers have raced this course and enjoyed the experience. If you’re into losing yourself in the outdoor spaces, not far from Covington, you will find the Green River Natural Resources Area, a 304-acre national park with wetlands, urban, versatile wildlife, and a stormwater treating facility. Located next to a public park and fairly long trail system, this green space is perfect for biking, sightseeing and walking.

Covington is one of the best family-friendly neighborhoods in the Seattle area, and offers the best features that a community should have. Feeling safe in your neighborhood and providing your children with great education are perks that money couldn’t possibly buy. But if you’re planning to move to Covington, maybe it can. In conclusion, this beautiful suburb will never make you feel like there’s nothing to see or do. Whatever you’re looking for is right there, or a couple of minutes away.


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