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Campton – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Campton is a tiny neighborhood in Redmond, Washington. Campton has become a popular place to live, as most residents earn a high income and own their homes and condos. Campton is located in the heart of the “tech capital” of Washington, Redmond, where people from around the world come to live and work at Microsoft’s “campus”, or simply just enjoy the beautiful parks, growing town center, and urban suburban lifestyle it offers. Many people who live here are highly educated and wealthy professionals from all parts of the world, and this gives Campton a unique, interesting vibe that blends its historic, small-town roots with a global, extremely diverse modern culture.
If you’re looking for amazing amenities and something to do, you should probably head to the Redmond Town Center, which pieces together everything that this city holds dear – community events, plenty of gathering spaces, family-friendly activities, and extremely high-quality goods. You can take you friends and family for an exciting late night gathering while partaking in game night at Uncle’s Games. Bring your whole family to interesting educational events like Reading with Rover, where kids can practice reading out loud. Holiday events like visit’s with Santa, the Easter Bunny and more, are held here every year with no exception. Even outside the center, there’s plenty of things to catch your attention. Another must visit and popular place with the locals is the Black Raven Brewery, where you can sample their brews in a tasting room, or go for a delicious slice of pizza from the Flying Saucer Pizza everyone is raving about. The best bagel east of New York is also located year, at Blazing Bagels. One of the most interesting dining options includes The Stone House, situated in the original home of one of the first people to arrive in Redmond and gives off a historic feel combined with modern, new-age food.
Later in the day, you can catch a movie at the Big Picture, where you can watch the newest releases in a recliner while having drinks brought to you whenever you choose. People also adore Marymoor Park, which is located in the heart of Campton, where you can enjoy endless activities, movies, festivals and concerts almost every weekend.
Overall, Campton is one of the most desired neighborhoods in Redmond and Seattle in general. With its sky-high income and breathtaking real estate, most people understand the appeal of Campton. While still maintaining its small-town suburban charm, it combines old-fashioned architecture with modern and midcentury, making this neighborhood one of the most unique ones in the area. Also being the “tech capital” of Washington, you can only imagine how many successful people live in the area. The fact that its home to the best bagel of the east coast, however, might just top all of the reasons why Campton is so great.


We are here to help you moving

If not for the beautiful homes, you’ll adore the idea of moving to Campton only for its bagels. If you’re going through a residential, commercial or any type of relocation in Campton, most people usually prefer not to go through the hassle moving often brings. There is a huge number of reasons people choose professional movers instead of going through a self-planned move. Making sure your move is smooth and stress free is what we are well-known for. That’s how we became the best local moving company in Campton. Even if things aren’t going as planned or you need a short notice relocation, our team of trained professional movers will conduct your move in the most seamless manner possible. Our team of local Campton professional movers will help you move your apartment, house, office, storage unit and more. Even if you’re moving a few items around the house, we’ll gladly offer you a helping hand, as there is no small or big enough move that we wouldn’t be able to conduct.

You’re only one phone call away from receiving a free quote and the best possible moving services Campton has to offer, or request a free quote on our website. Let us take you home.

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