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Buenna – Local and Long Distance Moving Companies

Buenna is a coastal, suburban neighborhood located in Federal Way, Washington. If you like a coastal setting, this neighborhood may be to your liking. The neighborhood of Buenna is on the ocean, making it a coastal neighborhood and oftentimes such coastal places have amenities and recreational activities on the waterfront that are attractive to residents and visitors. In addition to being coastal, Buenna is a very nautical neighborhood, meaning that it offers historic charm, is extremely walkable, densely populated and on the water. This gives the neighborhood a very nautical feel, with some seaside feel and lots of water-based activities, which some may really enjoy the sights and sounds of. The median home value in Buenna is around $570,000, while the median rental price in Buenna is currently around $2,500. The neighbors in the neighborhood of Buenna in Federal Way are mostly wealthy, making Buenna among the 15% highest income neighborhoods in America. This coastal neighborhood has a higher income than almost 90% of the neighborhoods in America. It would be a shame if there was nothing to do in this amazing neighborhood, and thankfully, that isn’t the case. The biggest amusement park in the State of Washington is located just minutes away from Buenna, the Wild Waves Theme Park. The amusement parks provide locals and visitors with 70 acres of water attractions and thrill rides. The King County Aquatic Center is also the host to many swimming events and it is also open to the community, featuring an Olympic-sized pool, a diving pool and a recreational pool. For outdoor fun, you should check out the Steel Lake Park, where you can swim or canoe on the lake. Featuring a number of volleyball pits, a skate park, a waling trail and horseshoe pits, this park really does offer everything needed for a perfect day in nature. Dash Point State Park is another beautiful outdoor option, and it’s the home to the biggest beach in town, right of Puget Sound. Here, you can also camp in the park or explore more than 15 miles of hiking and biking trails. This neighborhood is famous for the vast number of festivals that are organized in the area every year, including the annual Northwest Sand Festival that takes place from August to September and welcomes sand sculpting artists from all around the world. Fusion Summer Art Is another artists favorite, as it gathers up to 30 artists around the region and features their artwork.

Taking everything into consideration, Buenna might be one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Washington. With its high-income rates, and beautiful real estate, Buenna quickly rises to the top when it comes to the best suburbs of Seattle. Paired with more amenities than you can imagine, and more things to do then you will ever look for, Buenna offers the best of every world. This captivating, coastal neighborhood will make you swoon and feel like you’re in a novel. Once you’re here, you probably won’t ever want to leave.


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