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Briercrest – Local and long distance moving companies

Briercrest is an urban neighborhood located in the Lake City district of Seattle, Washington, with a population of a little over 2,000. Briercrest is in King County and offers residents an urban suburban feel, and most of the residential real estate is renter occupied.

Many of the residences in the Briercrest neighborhood are traditional, but modern nonetheless and most of them have been built between the 70’s and 1999. A great number of residences were also built after 2000, and the neighborhood continues to grow rapidly. Briercrest real estate is mostly made up of small, studio to two bedroom – to medium sized, three- or four-bedroom single family homes and high-rise apartments. The median home value in Briercrest is around $750.000, which makes Briercrest one of the most expensive neighborhoods in Washington. The average rental price is currently $2.000, which doesn’t necessarily put Briercrest on the top of the list for the highest rental price in the country, but it doesn’t rank as affordable either. Most residents of Briercrest take the bus to work, which is great if you’re interested in a neighborhood where you can simply leave your car at home and take the bus, as Briercrest has easy access to almost every focal point of the city. And if you’re attracted to the idea of getting a bit of exercise while reducing your carbon footprint, hopping on a bike and going to work might be the answer. Briercrest is famous for being a neighborhood with the most people who bike to and from work on a daily basis in Washington. Minutes away from Briercrest, you can spend some time in the beautiful nature of Cedar Park. Cedar Park shares the name of the elementary school it neighbors. Used by school children and neighborhood families, the play area has a great number of swings, a play structure, and many basketball courts. A paved walking path follows the outline of an oval-shaped lawn great for running and exploration. Briercrest is a peaceful, urban suburb of Lake City, perfect for young couples and families who maybe work in the city but want to escape the traffic, hustle and bustle. Briercrest has everything you could possibly need and if by some chance need something that isn’t available, bigger cities are just around the corner. Since Briercrest has easy access to its surrounding cities, that makes it all the easier when looking for exciting activities, great amenities and things to do.


We are here to help you moving

So, if you’re looking for a quaint, tranquil suburb that is surrounded by opportunities and excitement while not compromising the small-town charm is offers, Briercrest should be your top pick.

Moving to Briercrest sounds tempting, so if you’re planning a move to Briercrest, you need to find the best movers to help you relocate. Seattle Professional Movers has moved residents from and to Briercrest since the days we opened our doors to the public. We offer a wide array of specialty moving services, that we oftentimes customize to our clients needs and wishes.

Seattle Professional Movers can help you out with any size or type of move, and just a fraction of our services includes: residential moves, apartment moves, storage moves, and even packing and unpacking assistance, along with loading and unloading as well.
Our main goal is to become your favorite furniture moving service provider, and we strive to complete every move as if it were our own. We’re the best affordable moving company Briercrest has to offer, and our vast number of satisfied clients would agree as well.

Whether your moving to or from Briercrest, Seattle Professional Movers will gladly offer you a helping hand.

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