There are many great reasons to consider moving to Seattle. Great schools, endless opportunities for outdoor activities and an expansive job market are just some of the reasons you should think about moving to this great Pacific Northwest City.

Seattle is considered as one of the top 10 places to live in in the United States. The reasons are more than clear for all those who have lived here for years.The nature is one of the most beautiful ones and the whole area is environmentally friendly. There are great options for outdoor activities for families and for students as well.

Not many know that Seattle has the country’s best summers. Everyone considers Seattle as rainy city with not enough sun. The summers in the city are very warm and with low humidity and lots of beautiful sunshine. It’s a beautiful time to enjoy all the natural wonders that the area has to offer.

For these reasons and more, we think moving to Seattle is a fantastic idea. We have summed up some of the things you need to know about moving in Seattle and what makes this whole area so great.


If you are a fan of the arts, Seattle is considered to be one of the greatest arts cities in the world, with its legendary music scene. There are a few historic venues as the Moore Theatre, Easy Street Records and other places to visit where you can watch a show any night.


Seattle is a city of neighborhoods. Consisting of more than 100 distinct districts, there is certainly a place for each of us to find a home.Every neighborhood has a personality of its own. There are unique differences that make all of them special.

Overall Seattle has 18 districts with smaller neighborhoods in all of them. Getting to know the areas that the city has to offer is a great way to start your search for a new home and a perfect neighborhood.

For Families: West Seattle

West Seattle is considered as a city way from the city. Still within walking distance of the downtown but feels separated from the rest of Seattle by the Duwamish River. This area is known for its beautiful parks and stunning waterfront. Besides, the schools and infrastructure in the neighborhood are top-notch.

For young couples: Capitol Hill

Situated in the center of the city, Capitol Hill is all about the metropolitan living. This is the crossroads of the culture movement and the entertainment scene. If you are into busy streets and parties, this is the neighborhood for you. The variety of activities and people you will meet is endless.

For Students: The University District

This is where you can live and learn! There are several areas that are pretty popular by students, such as University Heights, University Park and Greek Row. It is a great place to live for students and postgraduates who still enjoy the academic life and spirit.

For Retirees: Queen Anne

This neighborhood has some of the best views in the city. The residents enjoy beautiful gardens and parks, as well as historic landmarks all over the area. There are many things to do while living in this part of the city: there are live shows and local farmers markets to enjoy every day.