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Alki – Local and long distance moving companies

Also is a peninsular neighbourhood of Alki Point. It is located as west as you can go in the West Seattle district of Seattle, Washington.
It was called ‘Prairie Point’ by the Duwamish and the land was once a place of native occupation. In addition, other names for the point are Battery Point, Roberts Point and Me-Kwah-Mooks Point.
When the Denny Party landed here in 1851, they named the area New York Alki.
Alki is a word in Chinook Jargon meaning ‘by and by or ‘eventually’.
One of the things Alki is most famous for are numerous concerts at Alki Beach.

This tradition dates from the early 1900s. Now, the beach is a host to the Seattle Music Fest that happens in August every year.
Needless to say, Alki beach is the most loved tourist attraction. With sand, bungalows, walking trails, sunbeds and of course, many local restaurants. From here you can see the Olympic mountains and downtown Seattle. During the summer weekends, it is usually crowded, so keep that in mind. Other interesting things to see are the view of Blake Island, Alki Point Lighthouse, miniature Statue of Liberty and many more. It also is a home of the Birthplace of Seattle monument that includes a people tribute to the Indigenous Duwamish people.

When it comes to the Denny Monument it is also located at Alki Beach.
One of the most important landmarks is Alki Point Lighthouse that was built in 1913 and it is operable to this date.
Another attraction are the bungalows that are lined alonged Harbor Avenue. Some of the homes were built in the 1860s and they are truly breathtaking.
There are a plethora of public parks in the neighborhood. One of the oldest ones is Hamilton Viewpoint Park that was founded in 1954 and it is located above Alki Beach. Another beautiful park is Schmitz PArk the only old-growth forest in Seattle.

For those of you who are contemplating whether or not to move to Alki, now that Alki is a relaxed neighborhood with a close-knit community. With a population of 6,566 people and median home value of $700,000 Alki is a favourable place for living for all generations.


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